Tuesday, November 4, 2008

[Boz_World] 3rd of November - Happy birthday~

yea~ finally, i wait for so long... today is my birthday~!!! XD so happy oo.. hehe.. 

of course, my joy not from myself le.. 1st, of course wanna thanks God! coz He allowed me live til now, 23 years old. = =v

2nd, i wanna thanks to my parents~ =D

then i wanna thanks to whoever celebrate with me, whoever sing song for me, whoever clap for me, whoever buy cake for me, whoever wish me, whoever sms me, whoever send me comment in friendster, whoever acc me, whoever fetch me, whoever call me, whoever belanja me, whoever care for me, whoever love me, n etc. more~!!
without u guys, my joy cant be complete, so i am here to share my joy also~ XD

-My 23rd b'day cake-

-make a wish-

-lunch at secret recept-

once again...

God bless~ XD


Bea said...

happy belated birthday!!! ^_^

Z-Boz said...

thank you~!!