Tuesday, November 11, 2008

[MovieTalk] Max Payne

Mark Wahlberg as Max Payne

haha.. is time talk about movie again.
it is really being a while.. erm.. i mean a "very de long time" i didnt watch movie liao.. i miss so many movie.. T^T aiks.. anyway, nvm.. i should learn the leason =3=

so, after a long stop. Max Payne is my so called 1st movie i went to watch, (alone.. T^T) so sorry i didnt do the research well.. so i go for this movie.. erm.. actually i really dont like this movie.. the storyline is jz so cacat.... (sorry gamers!!!! i know most of u like this game!! T^T)

ok.. y i will think the storyline is bad? erm.. maybe at 1st i watch the trailer, i tot the movie should be something like Constantine
, mean they are someone looking for something tat is mysterious.. but, mana tau.. those mysterious things is jz an imagination or illusion from human cause by some medicine.. T^T cry hard... jz so cacat.. then somemore the main character see dark angel, shouting there don know for wat.. =3= (aiks.. i think enough of critic liao.. max payne fans.. so sorry.. T^T dont scold me a.......... sorry sorry..)

coz my lecturer used to teach me 1 thing tat i wont forget. "Story is the King!" = =v

but i have to admit. the effect really will make u, " wWWWUAAAAAOOooo~!!!" coz realy very geng~!! haha XD myself, of course like the effect very much~!! and also the style~!! love it!! XD Well DONE~!!!!

Rating: 4 out of 10
i give 4 star~

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