Sunday, November 23, 2008

[MovieTalk] James Bond, Quantum of Solace

yellod. i back. so sorry for didnt upload anything recently.. coz busying on something, n for something... =3= nvm nvm, now i back la.. haha.. XD thz for those who wait so hard.. next time should bark me or chase me or scold me if u wait for so long... hehe.. :D

ok. another movie talk again~ recently wanna watch movie so much... =3=

James Bond
Quantum of Solace

hmm.. about this movie. actually, personally i feel that is a nice movie~ (coz i jz go watch all the stun n feel the action. not espect anything le~ hehe ) but i heard lot ppl don like it. actually i think tat story is not well manage enough. coz lot of things in the movie not really explain it well. or maybe it jz go too fast til i don know why bond move here n there. T^T (maybe is my personal problem.. haha..)

but the story behind, or the message of this story quite strong. James Bond, he also human. have feeling, know about love, feel pain. y i say like this..? coz last time, when i was young, James Bond is a character that never die. (my 1st impression... = =) even lot of machine gun poited at him, n shoot gao gao at him, he still will servive. nothing will harm him. (unless girls.. =3=) then Jamess Bond (2008 version XD) he do very aggresive, he do have nightmare, he do have hate, he do feel pain... this show the soft part of James Bond. maybe i should say last time James Bond to iron liao? haha XD

anyway, i do enjoy the movie~!! (alone... again.. T3T)

Ranting: 8 out of 10

God bless~!! XD

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