Monday, September 29, 2008

[Boz_World] Found something...

somehow somewhere some..some..
er.. nvm la.. forget about it.. haha..
(wat am i talking about? aiks.. = =)
i found this...

(click to enlarge)

after read it.. any comment?

(go tawau be teacher!! opps, did i talk about someone..? haha.. XD)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

[Boz_World] i wonder...

sometimes i really wonder.. wonder y ppl wanna write blog.. really..
i go thru so many blog, some use blog like dairy, some use as share their feeling or problems, some use as "emo" item, some use as sharing purpose.. but i really wonder wat is the actual purpose the blog for..

i also sometimes wonder.. do anyone read my blog? ( coz seldom see ppl leave comment.. or msg in cbox T^T sad oo ) do i wanna share my life in blog? do i wanna use blog as dairy? or..? i choose not to share my emotion, feeling or problems is becoz i think tat i "too" open myself up to many other ppl.. for ppl i knew, i dont mind.. but as u guys know, internet nowadays is very powerful.. so, it is not surprise tat others ppl u don know will read yr blog as well.. then u are open yrself to everyone.. for me, is quite weird.. n i prefer to talk n share with others face to face...

i choose not to use the blog as dairy, coz dairy should be personal right? should have privacy right? but.. if u upload in blog, it become open dairy.. there's no privacy at all..

so, in the end, i choose to do sharing in my blog. coz if u really wanna know me more, i believe u will take more effort to know me.. not only thru blog right? y i do sharing? coz i cant always go around n do sharing jz like tat right? i do learn a lot of things.. i willing to help, willing to be listener.. tats y i think i do sharing in blog sometimes might help others also.. who knows God touch u thru the sharing? which i really hope it work like tat...

and also.. i try to share some interesting things i capture or figure in my life.. tats y i created blog.. anyway.. sorry for my nonsence.. i really jz wonder, so i come out this blog.. maybe u can give me some idea..? so sorry, if i had say something tat hurt u.. sorry much.. n thanks for reading...

God bless.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

[Boz_Art] Death Note "H"

yea~ new episode of Death Note!! the agent "H", Hang.
haha.. actually this is my bro pic le.. he ask for my help to make it look like death note something like tat la.. haha.. so i edit le~

this the final result le~ :)
any comment is welcome~!! hehe..

God bless!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

[Boz_World] New Blog~!!

yo guys!
here's my new blog~!!

can go n have a look ya~
hehe.. especially need yr comment to support~!!

thz thz~!! XD

God bless~!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

[Boz_Sharing] Give Thanks~!!

wo~ once again back here do sharing again.. sorry.. going to be long gas again tim.. haha XD
hope u can be patient~

some update.
i add on the follower gadget on the side, i think u guys notice gua.. so do click on it if u do visit my blog~ thz thz.. at least i know who pass by be4 ma.. T3T (come le.. join le.. join le.. plsszzszz~~)

i might start a new blog.. (yea~! might name it "fai chai" blog.. haha = =v) but will jz only upload all my drawing, all is jz "um" things la.. so, once i start it, will let u guys know~!! XD

back to our topic!
today topic ====> GIVE THANKS!

1st n only question. how often u give thanks? :)
actually, God again n again, reminded me.. ask me to give thanks.. give thanks in small things, give thanks in big things~ i always give thanks tat i got eyes la, mouth la, ears la, hands la, legs la etc. i born out normaly.. (actually, i got think of if i born out without a hand will how a.. T^T or without any part la..) so i always give thanks for wat i got n wat i should have.. i really give thanks of all this!! n show appreciation on all this also!!

O? how i show appreciation? haha.. easy! jz practice with wat u give thanks! i use my eye to see bible, use my mouth to read bible n pray, use my hands to flip bible n etc. so, how about u? (start read bible n pray lo.. wat u waiting for? XD) do u come across with all this "little" things? n give thanks to the Lord? do u show appreaciation? n how u show it? :)

somtimes we jz easily forget the things nearby us.. or maybe jz around us so many years.. like our best fren, our parent, our beloved one. (pls be guilty if u still always argue with yr parent T^T) ( ya.. feel bad.. feel real bad leh~~~ T3T) u should give thanks lot lot lot if compare with others ppl. coz wat u have now, others might not have it..(this is real one o... T^T) n appreaciate with all wat u have :) must oo!

give thanks in small things, then God will bless u in big things!
then u give thanks in big things, God will bless u bigger things!!
so yr blessing will be overflowing~!! wakakaakaa..!! (do bless me some oo.. hahaa.. Xp)

so, do stop complaining, but start give!!
turn yr curse into blessing~!! YEA~H!!

1 Chronicles 16:34
Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good;
his love endures forever.

Psalm 30:12
that my heart may sing to you and not be silent.
O LORD my God, I will give you thanks forever

God bless!! :D

Friday, September 12, 2008

[Boz_World] MR2+ HEAT!!

hey hey~!!
MR2+ is getting closer~!! this week saturday (13Sept08) n next week saturday (20Sept08) will be the 1st n 2nd audition! it will held at church, 830pm sharp!
ask yr fren come for this event le~!! i sure it will be fun!! XD

i here also update u a new link for this event!!
go n check it up!!

i shall see u there!!
God bless! XD

[Boz_Art] Frustrated

here's a pic i draw one day.
actually i draw this is becoz i feel very boring + angry in tat session. coz is really waste my time there.. so in order i don fall asleep, also to release my feeling.. i come out this drawing~!!

-u can click the pic n enlarge it ya-

after look at it few times, feel more better~
haha... don know u get the pic means o not le..
anyway, hope u enjoy it~ Xp

n thz for caring about my eyes. now it better already! thz thz!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

[Boz_World] Ouch...

aii.. ya.. is pain.. very pain..
i not faint la.. but look like faint la..
y this happen?

football accident le..

do pray for me.. gam xia..

now cannot use this icon le T^T
have to change it to this ====> T^X
coz my left eye bengkak lo.. =3X

haha.. the more i look at mirror, i feel like my eye part like get punch by ppl..
aiks.. half panda.. maybe use this icon better =.O haha..

"ice healing"

"egg massage"

**i get scold by doc... coz i visit her 3 times each weeks..
she says, "now no gf don know how to take care yrself liao la?!!"

Friday, September 5, 2008

[Boz_World] Something bad in yr mind?

aiks.. enough for all the words! now upload something interesting!
look at the pic below~

is it let u think of something~?

wat in yr mind now.......?
er.. maybe.. something not so good~?
haha.. Xp

** if u read til here still don know wat i trying to bring out..
then u can jz off the blog, or read previous blog,
or go to poll there vote, ask me delete the blog.. =3=
but don "pretend" don know la.. puik! **

actually leh.. is this thing lai de.. is a food~!

-CB stand for Chicken Biscuits!-
(nice food~! = =b)

haha~ hope make u laugh~ :P

God bless!!

[Boz_Sharing] Tired?

friday night. quite a lonely night for me.. actually should have share group de.. but i don have one yet~!!! T^T (don let pastor know a.. he sure SHOOT me gao gao..)
anyway, nvm la.. let it be.. tats not the point = =v (got "someone" if read this, she sure will SHOOT me gao gao also =3=)

so today my sharing topic ===> Tired?

actually, i know tat in this
technology world nowadays, everything we need to be fast, be good, be on top. we are running with time. we racing, sometimes without rest, sometimes without food, sometimes without knowing wat happen around.

some ppl, coz of work, (for student, maybe u jz change the work to assignment/study le~ so u understand more) they forget about fellowship with others. yes. u say u need do wat u must to be the greatest! u are probably right. no doubt. but when u success, there is no one with u to share the joy.. is it worth it?

some ppl, coz of self discipline, ( i know i not the best person talk about discipline.. =3=) they always overnight, doing online chatting. maybe online game.. or sleep "early" in the very morning as a habit.. yes. u may say u wan fellowship ma~ u not wrong at all. u jz ask one more person to join u see in the "early" morning.

some ppl, are both on wat i mention on top. they are more tired than others. they work. they fellowship without rest. so wat could i say more?

i have a lot of report about sleeping. n of course i do a lot research about sleep. some report says we need rest 630hour to 730hour is the best. some reports says we need to sleep before 11pm. some report even list out the break down on the wat process will have in yr body while u sleep. i do lot of this research due to my work cost also. coz i being always overnight when i was a student. wat time u need to sleep? tats a CHOICE. tats a DISCIPLINE. tats a WAY to sleep on time if u wan.

y i sudden so stress on this issues? actually, i think most of the ppl already forget our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. if our body can voice out.. i think u should cry coz u always torture yr body subconsciously.. u don eat on time, will it harm yr body? without sleep, will it harm yr body? whole day infront of screen, will it harm yr body? cut yrself, is it harm yr body? are yr body crying n ask for help now? don make those simple things in life out of yr control
subconsciously, it wont do u any good. don make it a habit. don follow the world. make a difference.

maybe u jz need to think like tat. if u are the holy spirit. will u stay in the "body"?

1 Corinthians 6
Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;
20you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.

be alert~!
God bless~!!

**feel free to leave comment. as yr sharing might help others~thz!**