Tuesday, November 25, 2008

[Boz World] You Tube Link

Yea~ i have one more website~
is You Tube Link~!!

i will jz upload all my video file in there~ all my work that i done. also.. 
i try my best to keep it up to date =3=

do feel free to have a look inside~ 
feel free to comment also~!! 
comment do help me lot. 
pls comment T^T
thank u~

God bless~!! XD

Sunday, November 23, 2008

[MovieTalk] James Bond, Quantum of Solace

yellod. i back. so sorry for didnt upload anything recently.. coz busying on something, n emo.ing for something... =3= nvm nvm, now i back la.. haha.. XD thz for those who wait so hard.. next time should bark me or chase me or scold me if u wait for so long... hehe.. :D

ok. another movie talk again~ recently wanna watch movie so much... =3=

James Bond
Quantum of Solace

hmm.. about this movie. actually, personally i feel that is a nice movie~ (coz i jz go watch all the stun n feel the action. not espect anything le~ hehe ) but i heard lot ppl don like it. actually i think tat story is not well manage enough. coz lot of things in the movie not really explain it well. or maybe it jz go too fast til i don know why bond move here n there. T^T (maybe is my personal problem.. haha..)

but the story behind, or the message of this story quite strong. James Bond, he also human. have feeling, know about love, feel pain. y i say like this..? coz last time, when i was young, James Bond is a character that never die. (my 1st impression... = =) even lot of machine gun poited at him, n shoot gao gao at him, he still will servive. nothing will harm him. (unless girls.. =3=) then Jamess Bond (2008 version XD) he do very aggresive, he do have nightmare, he do have hate, he do feel pain... this show the soft part of James Bond. maybe i should say last time James Bond to iron liao? haha XD

anyway, i do enjoy the movie~!! (alone... again.. T3T)

Ranting: 8 out of 10

God bless~!! XD

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

[MovieTalk] Max Payne

Mark Wahlberg as Max Payne

haha.. is time talk about movie again.
it is really being a while.. erm.. i mean a "very de long time" i didnt watch movie liao.. i miss so many movie.. T^T aiks.. anyway, nvm.. i should learn the leason =3=

so, after a long stop. Max Payne is my so called 1st movie i went to watch, (alone.. T^T) so sorry i didnt do the research well.. so i go for this movie.. erm.. actually i really dont like this movie.. the storyline is jz so cacat.... (sorry gamers!!!! i know most of u like this game!! T^T)

ok.. y i will think the storyline is bad? erm.. maybe at 1st i watch the trailer, i tot the movie should be something like Constantine
, mean they are someone looking for something tat is mysterious.. but, mana tau.. those mysterious things is jz an imagination or illusion from human cause by some medicine.. T^T cry hard... jz so cacat.. then somemore the main character see dark angel, shouting there don know for wat.. =3= (aiks.. i think enough of critic liao.. max payne fans.. so sorry.. T^T dont scold me a.......... sorry sorry..)

coz my lecturer used to teach me 1 thing tat i wont forget. "Story is the King!" = =v

but i have to admit. the effect really will make u, " wWWWUAAAAAOOooo~!!!" coz realy very geng~!! haha XD myself, of course like the effect very much~!! and also the style~!! love it!! XD Well DONE~!!!!

Rating: 4 out of 10
i give 4 star~

= =''' do leave comment...
if u not happy...
but dont angry me.. sorry aa
God bless~

Friday, November 7, 2008

[Boz_World] Comic blog

today i here to promote my own blog~ my comic blog~!!
coz i think not much ppl go in n have a look o.. maybe no ppl notice gua..?
or the blog jz too cacat.. T^T
anyway, nvm la.. if u free, do go in n have a look,
my another blog~!!

[星 废 鸟]
all is only picture n drawing~

when u boring or free, do go in ya~

hope will lighten up yr day~
have a smile~

thz for support~!!
God bless~ XD

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

[Boz_World] Birthday wish

get some funny wish, share with u guys~ XD

[i dont know is it jz type wrong word.. or purposely one..? =3= ]

[this from my bro. he seldom forget my b'day one.. aiks ="= ]

anyway, thz for ALL~ yr wish again~!! XD

God bless~!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

[Boz_World] 3rd of November - Happy birthday~

yea~ finally, i wait for so long... today is my birthday~!!! XD so happy oo.. hehe.. 

of course, my joy not from myself le.. 1st, of course wanna thanks God! coz He allowed me live til now, 23 years old. = =v

2nd, i wanna thanks to my parents~ =D

then i wanna thanks to whoever celebrate with me, whoever sing song for me, whoever clap for me, whoever buy cake for me, whoever wish me, whoever sms me, whoever send me comment in friendster, whoever acc me, whoever fetch me, whoever call me, whoever belanja me, whoever care for me, whoever love me, n etc. more~!!
without u guys, my joy cant be complete, so i am here to share my joy also~ XD

-My 23rd b'day cake-

-make a wish-

-lunch at secret recept-

once again...

God bless~ XD