Saturday, April 25, 2009

[Boz_World] is 19 again

yeA~ i know i know. i already long time no update.. i am so sorry.. (coz recently busy working le.. sorry much..) anyway, here is some of my update. for sure i will update more~ haha XD

today already 25th april lo.. but still wanna share my joy here. wakakaa.. is 19, 1901 hotdog!! haha XD but this time.. i think got bit disappointed le.. coz i only manage to eat 4 hotdogs.. of course, tat is not enough le. aiks. coz tat day is sunday.. so, i kindna busy til no time eat de.. so, i only buy 4 hotdogs le.. T3T

4 hotdogs~ only........ =3=

nvm.. i still will try my best to break my own record. haha XD so let us wait til next time then~ yeA~!! enjoy! XD

God bless much~**


kenny said...

ooi~ 4x hotdogs?

ur record is...?

Z-Boz said...

5 i think.

wakakakakakaaakakakaaaa~!!!! XD