Friday, April 3, 2009

[Boz_World] 1st day of work

yea~ i already start work~!! i am working in fly studio (for those who still = =''') anyway, 1st day i go in work, i already have an "office" with a mac!! the "office" is quite big! and only i the one use there~ hahaaaha XD i feeling i am big boss~!!! wakkaakaakakaaa~!!!!

my "office"

actually, i not really have an office la.. haha XD the place is an editing room. also, meeting room i think.. =3= y i using tat room alone? aiseh.. coz my new com haven arrive yet.... mean i have to machine to work.. aiks. cham le.. keep waiting n waiting n waiting. Finally! my com come!! hahahahaaha XD but is the next day, 6pm. which is the end of the day. so, i go back jz like tat. haha XD

i enjoy working there~ everyone are very friendly as well. haha XD will work hard n try to adapt the enviroment asap~ Everyone~!! GamBatte!! Fighting!

**found a nice clip~ share with u guys~ hope u guys like it as well~ XD**

God bless~ XD


YH said...

Good Luck in your new job Chong Heng !!

Z-Boz said...

yea~ thank you!

**spell wrong my name still..... =3='''**

Bea said...

congratz on ur new job at flystudio, chong hing~~~ all the best!XD