Monday, March 30, 2009

[Boz_World] Earth Hour

yea~ i participated it. off light for 1 hour. haha XD

actually, i quite encourage ppl to participate as well.(even now is over liao la.. haha XD) i heard lot ppl say diff things, some say, this is for advertise. some say, this is not workable. some say, is useless. some say, it wont help anything, it just one hour! (diff ppl diff view.. i don mind~ XD)

i here to share share bit le.. is jz my point of view ya~ XD Earth hour, off light for an hour. is it help? actually.. i dont know. haha XD but i sure it help, coz i do some study n research of it. maybe for some ppl they think is jz only an hour wont help much. but i think, better than u didnt off the light at all. means, at least in yr life time, u do off an hour 'trying' to save the world.. = = yea. trying. T3T is impossible ask ppl live without light in these technology generation. (takkan u want all of us go back to stone age meh..? = =''') wat i trying to say is, at least u do something.. is much more better n stronger than u didnt do anything.. TAT anyway, since God bless us the wisdom, we must use it le. jz the prob is, how we use it only... T T

Earth hour, it also help to create awareness among us. with this event, i really hope ppl will start thinking of save energy to save the world as much as u can. maybe u think it is nothing to off an light for an hour. but i hope it create awareness for u or any of u, tat u wont waste electric or any unnecessary electric. i don know about u guys, but for me, it really create awareness in my life, such as, did i really need to on my com(msn) while i not around? while i sleep? did i really need on my fans even i am outside? should i on my air-corn when is raining day? etc.

lastly, is the most funny things i learn. haha XD actually, for those who participate, i jz wanna ask.. in tat 1 hour, wat r u doing? haha XD in this generation, i dare to say, most of the ppl face com more than face human. = = means, they rather spend time with internet, games, but not family members, or frens.. actually for me, i feel tat, it is so sad if we really like tat... coz we should care ppl more than spend time online.. this is wat i think. actually in tat 1 hour i also go mamak n sit only. haha XD so, did u enjoy the 1 hour? or did u headache of wat u need to do in that 1 hour?

i hope u have an Earth hour that is more than an Earth hour. (hope u get wat i try to say le.. haha XD) or, maybe u make everyday as Earth hour? y not? haha XD yea~!!

God bless~!!

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