Monday, March 2, 2009

[Boz_World] Farewell Dinner

yea~ another post again.this might be a loooooooooooooooooooooo~ng post, n might be a sad post also oo.. erm.. might be a touching post la~ haha XD but while read it, must happie oo.. haha XD YEa~!!

yea. i already jobless now while i typing this post. haha XD so, if got any update i let u guys know~ (ya. is true la. no job now.. T3T pray gao gao for me ooooo.. T3T i need 3D animator JOB!!) so, my lovely colleague, of course, they make me a big big, happie happie, syok syok farewell dinner~ the place is... WOO GA CHON again~ haha XD 


this time. with Korean beer~!! Suju!
wait for so long~! finally i can drink le!! yea~!! XD
so like KOREA!!

of course~!! we eat, laugh, play, joke, n enjoy lot!!


i really enjoy the dinner very much~ jz here to thank everyone in my dept. really.. THANK YOU so much!!!!! coz i really learn lot from u guys~!! thz lot!! i do appreciate everything happen among us, no matter is good or bad, tat's really something hold us together n work up together! we fight as a team, we work as a team, we enjoy also as a team~!! yea! i wont forget and will remember always the day we have be4, i so sorry if i did anything wrong.. pls forgive me. sorry sorry much.. so unfortunate i have to leave... i do enjoy teaching in TOA, of course. but, y i need to leave? for me, i think i am too young to teach in TOA already. is time for me to move on. to gain more n learn as much as i can from outside world. but, we will keep in touch! yea~!! thanks to technology nowadays~ we can always keep in touch!!

do take care of yrself. pls eat on time (if can.. T^T) be healthy as always!! and may God bless u guys all much!!! yea~!! XD

Hooi Ling and i
(like mother like children~ XD)

Poh Im n i
(like sister like brother~ XD)

Jason n i
(like big bro like nuaghty boy XD)

Junning n i
(my 1st ever assisting lecturer~ XD)

Kevin n Kuan Win
(2 young boy~ XD)

Hoe Yi n i
(TWINS! hahahahaaa XD)

DG dept

funny moment! yea~ haha XD

to DG,
take care, everyone, no worry ya~ still can come out yam cha or lunch one ya~ hehe.. i wont so easy gone in u guys life one.. haha XD keep in touch! don miss me too much, coz i will~!! (T3T don cry don cry..) Fighting~!!! everyone!

so, this is my farewell gift,

Legendary me. haha XD
more info, visit

my working table~ :)

God bless much much!!


Z-Boz said...

i wanna leave comment by my own...

It so Warm~~...... T^T *sob sob*

Hikari said...

T____T /pat ~

nice having u as our tutor as well !!~

Anonymous said...

i'll pray 4 u..
tk cr of urself, may Gbua