Monday, March 23, 2009

[Boz_World] Bro wedding

yea~ have been go back hometown for a week. busy for my bro wedding. aiks. then i also jz know my twins, best fren Hoyi also bro wedding in the same week.. haha XD 

so, here's some pic, enjoy~!!

the new room

wedding dinner night

my bro n bride

all brothers n the new member 

the highlight of this blog~!! XD

my cute mom
haha XD
(if she know this pic online, i die. but.. it is online liao. haha XD)

my leng zai bro n i
= =v

yay~ wat a busy week! sometimes i think my photographic skill also not bad wat.. haha XD jz i didnt have a good camera only :P anyway, 

wish their love foreve in the Lord~!!
Amen~!! XD

** for my comic blog, i will update asap ya~!!
coz i don have scanner to scan my drawing in.. so sorry.. T^T
pls wait while. coming soon~!! thz for support!! **

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