Thursday, March 5, 2009

[Boz_World] Farewell Lunch

yea~ another Farewell~ haha XD but this time is my students ask me out for lunch~ haha.. feel so touch~ T3T thank you u all~!!! thz thz~!!

so, we went to One Utama (which consider very far for me... =3=) then i 1st time eat in Pasta Zanmai~ haha XD (western food + japan food, sound so weird...) it is very de nicE!! yea~!! always can see me with lot of good food in this blog a.. erm.. maybe i can consider it is a food blog liao.. haha XD 

here's some pic~

i order Unagi Pasta set! XD
very de nice ooo~!!

Hoe Yi n i again~!! haha XD
farewell me twice~!!

wish all the best in yr Final~!! yosh!!

ah-har~ something wrong behind! 
(i see ultraman~ haha XD)

thanks lot for the lunch~ so sorry coz tat day i was pack, not really can enjoy with u guys~ but nvm, i appreciate it lot!! we keep in touch! XD yay~!! 

God bless much!!


Teh-O said...

hahaha glad u enjoy the lunch there. Worry u might not like the food there but the food there really nice rite???? ahhhhh pastaaaaaa XDXDXD hehehe now u not around, less one joker edi luuuu D: take care la~ got chance we call u out eat again XD hhehehe

Z-Boz said...

haha~ yea~ no prob :) jz call le.. hehe.. try not look for weekend le.. weekend i more busy one :P

so, next time la next time la~ yea~!! XD
(now i only know, i am joker in yr mind... =3=)

God bless~!!