Saturday, March 14, 2009

[MovieTalk] 7 Pounds

Yea! another movie by Will Smith.

actually i like him much! coz i think he is a great actor! coz most of the movie he in, all is meaningful movie~ (i mean the story will be good!) coz as i mention be4, for me, story is the king! so i always takes lot of time to do some research be4 i step in cinema. but for Will Smith case, i don really do any research. coz i believe in him tat he will choose a nice movie n act~!! yay~ XD

7 pounds, another nice movie.

i quite like the story actually. but some don really like it.. (wat i found out is, most of them late to cinema, so miss out the front part... = =) actually u miss out the front part, then the whole movie u not really know wat happening, or u will feel very sien liao.. =3= (so next time don late to cinema aaaa! aiks. =3=) anyway, not much comments bout the movie, coz is simply too good. haha XD but i not really like the way he die. = = coz is consider commit suicide. is some religion things la.. so, don mind tat le.. =3= 

so, yay~! 

Ranking 8 out of 10
another meaningful movie~

recently his poster all show his face enough liao... =3=
hancock also. jz show face o.. hahaa XD

God bless~!!


Teh-O said...

!!!you just post spoiler in ur journal!!!!! hahaha

Z-Boz said...

cheh~ i like him. i don mind. diff ppl diff thinking le.. wakakakakakakakaa! i support him gao gao one~ XD

Jovina said...

'LAN' movie~!!!