Sunday, March 8, 2009

[Boz_World] Dream

Haha~ Good Morning. = = now is 6am in the morning, n i cant sleep. coz i jz wake up. haha XD so healthy these days. for those who really care about me, jz have some update for u guys. recently, i really doing nothing at home. **Really** (feel like so useless... T3T) of course, running here n there for some interview, now, still waiting.. either interview, or offer letter. haha XD (i believe is coming soon lo.. haha.. yea~!! XD)

some ppl ask me to rest in this period of time, (coz i really wanted a job so hard!! but i didnt get any... =3=) some say, u should enjoy this time! (coz they really busy til no time to rest.. = =) some ask me don worry. some, i not really update them anything.. haha XD anyway, i wanna thanks to those who really care about me. thank you! =D i been planning something these days for myself, so i wont waste the days when it go on. :)

k la. now jz here to share something. Dream~!! yea~ everyone have a dream. ( i hope u have one as well.. :) ) u have a dream is good! but most of the ppl have the wrong thinking or defination of Dream. when i touch a topic on dream.. most ppl will react like this, "ahh..(sigh) ya. dream.. untouchable.. (then close eye.. drop one tears on left eye..)" haha XD is it u also react like this? i hope u not.. =3= 

i watched one series be4. this is wat he say. "everyone have dream! (or maybe dream's' haha XD) but most of the ppl will have 1000 EXCUSES not to go after the dream. but, they wont have 1000 REASONS to go after the dream!"

yea. i know. some of the dream is really untouchable.. and some dream need a lot of sacrify.. but if u don work so hard for it to achive the dream, how can u appreciate it? the chance wont come jz like tat.. u need to work for it! if u keep waiting, n waiting.. listen to me. don have any dream pls. is meaningless to u. = = jz think of how to enjoy yr life la.. T T another issues is.. u have to think for yrself. is it worth if i go for it(yr dream)? ya. this is quite a big issues as well. is it worth? :) 

anyway, i here to encourage everyone. those with dream, GO for it! those without dream, pls get one. haha XD those chasing the dream, Don give up~!! u not alone XD yea!!

God bless~!!


Jaemy.C said...

i like this post! :)

Z-Boz said...

yea~! thank you!

Happie~!! XD said...

i hv a dream.. =D
n i noe i will get it.. ahahaha (so confident 1 = = )