Tuesday, April 28, 2009

[Boz_World] FaceBook

ya.. facebook. finally i have one. = =
lot ppl ask me sign in long time ago. thanks for the long patient. u know who are u. =3=

my link.

God bless~

Monday, April 27, 2009

[Boz_World] Can we do something?

recently.. it is so hot. not only hot, but is very de hot... so, i think most of us try to keep ourselves in aircorn more often le.. same as i.. erm.. honestly i think this wheather is really weird. getting not secure day by day.. feel like there is something wrong to the earth, seomthing will happen in the future tat will cause us much.. i really wonder wat will happen.. 

anyway, cause of these weather, i start to think, is it global warming? maybe some of u might agree with me.. wat i trying to say is, i sure, these weather is cause by us as well as a human. coz we always destroy more than love the Earth.. now, we get wat we deserve? this is jz my thinking, u might agree or might not agree with me.. but i think it is time we have to take this issues seriously..

Love the Earth, save the world, do u think tat is not our duty or responsibility as a human? is it we are only money maker? or food eater? i don think so. i think human can do more than tat. it is time, we have to do something. even a small little thing, i also encourage u do it for the world, for the Earth, for ye future, for ye love one, n for the next generation. 

so.. wat we can do? this really have to depends on yrself already. save electric? throw rubbish into recycle bin? recycle those things tat still useable? plant more trees? haha.. i really don know wat we can do.. but i do off my com if i not using it.. coz electronic things like air corn, com, fridge, etc. is really make the Earth global warming.. anyway, as i say, wat u can do, even is jz a small things, jz do it. really. coz little thing might become much in the future. Also, how u know wat u do today will or will not effect tmr? So, just do it~ XD 

save the Earth, save yrself.

God bless`

Saturday, April 25, 2009

[Boz_World] is 19 again

yeA~ i know i know. i already long time no update.. i am so sorry.. (coz recently busy working le.. sorry much..) anyway, here is some of my update. for sure i will update more~ haha XD

today already 25th april lo.. but still wanna share my joy here. wakakaa.. is 19, 1901 hotdog!! haha XD but this time.. i think got bit disappointed le.. coz i only manage to eat 4 hotdogs.. of course, tat is not enough le. aiks. coz tat day is sunday.. so, i kindna busy til no time eat de.. so, i only buy 4 hotdogs le.. T3T

4 hotdogs~ only........ =3=

nvm.. i still will try my best to break my own record. haha XD so let us wait til next time then~ yeA~!! enjoy! XD

God bless much~**

Thursday, April 16, 2009

[Boz_World] Dont get shock

yea. i think this post might have lot ppl or some ppl get shock. but, i think u guys don get too shock. haha XD hopefully le.. anyway, recently being quite busy, coz really got lot things need to rush n work on. so, if i update slow, i am so sorry. but i sure will update my post~ don worry~ XD (also my comic blog. i sure will update one~ XD no worry no worry~)
here is some of my update as well~


after~ botak! hahahahaa XD

i think u guys sure have lot question le~ sure ask. y cut it like tat ooo~???!?!?!! haha.. maybe i answer u guys one day. coz busy on my work. but i sure let u know the reason, so.. be patient ya~ hehe XD

after i cut like this. my colleague notice i have an undercover identity..


this is wat they call me~ hahhaahaa XD

so funny~ :P
hope u enjoy this post~ XD

God bless~!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

[Boz_World] Easter Day

yea~ everyone~!! Happy Easter day~!! XD

today is Easter Day! which is so important n meaningful for all christian! (yea.. u not worng. i am christian... for those who don know. dont get too shock le. =3=) wihout Jesus resurrection, we wont have any hope like today. we no need to pray for anything. we no need to have faith in anything. coz everything will be pass, or history, which is so meaningless. but Jesus, He make my life become so meaningful! so glad that He is alive! yes! He is alive~!!! XD

hope u can get the joy i have deep down in my heart~!! XD

God bless~ YEA!


Friday, April 10, 2009

[Boz_World] Good friday

Today. is good friday.
maybe not many ppl know.
but i here to let u know.

should be a day for tears.
a day of sadness, heart-broken.

is a day that change the history.
change our life forever.

830pm. FCC Church.
Good friday Presentation.

God bless

Friday, April 3, 2009

[Boz_World] 1st day of work

yea~ i already start work~!! i am working in fly studio (for those who still confuse.ing = =''') anyway, 1st day i go in work, i already have an "office" with a mac!! the "office" is quite big! and only i the one use there~ hahaaaha XD i feeling i am big boss~!!! wakkaakaakakaaa~!!!!

my "office"

actually, i not really have an office la.. haha XD the place is an editing room. also, meeting room i think.. =3= y i using tat room alone? aiseh.. coz my new com haven arrive yet.... mean i have to machine to work.. aiks. cham le.. keep waiting n waiting n waiting. Finally! my com come!! hahahahaaha XD but is the next day, 6pm. which is the end of the day. so, i go back jz like tat. haha XD

i enjoy working there~ everyone are very friendly as well. haha XD will work hard n try to adapt the enviroment asap~ Everyone~!! GamBatte!! Fighting!

**found a nice clip~ share with u guys~ hope u guys like it as well~ XD**

God bless~ XD