Wednesday, May 5, 2010

[BozWorld] Astro

ya.. Astro... zzz...

today they come n install astro, go to my balcony, see see look look, say my place hard to install astro, then say maybe some place ok, jz draw the 4 marks, make hole, then install the astro plate. after tat, they cant get any signal, they blame the decoder. say.. it is 2nd hand, 12 yrs ago old decoder, n it is easy broken..

*shouldnt they connect with the decoder, test and look for a good signal area be4 they start to make hole..????????*

then go out see see look look again, say.. i need use the long metal to get better signal then it will cost me. then say maybe put at back, maybe better. so they decide put at back. but the cable is bit thick can go thru the door gap, so they make hole again for the cable.. then they dismantle the plate in front n install at the back. then done. is better signal with only 72 (AGC). then say, we wan customer smile when we go off also, we wont simply do work one~
then they off to go.

they take up 3 hour plus(!) to install it n this is wat i get after i install the nice astro.

-3 free hole + broken wall-

-some small hole around the house-

-1 free hole with big broken wall-

thank you astro.

i got my astro for my football match.. zzz.. = =
(hope it wont give me prob in the future...)

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