Friday, May 7, 2010

[MovieTalk] Ip Man 2

Woo Hoo~!! finally i can go cinema watch movie lo!! TAT so long time didnt go watch movie le.. heard lot of good comment from ppl about this movie~ so i decided to watch this movie be4 i go watch ironman2.. hehee.. ( lot ppl say ironman 2.. erm.... erm... so so wo... =3= )

Indeed! is a nice movie~! enjoy it lot! very good flow of the storyline, editing. it bring u into the story, climax, turning point, and let u enjoy the whole kungfu action stuff gao gao~! XD

-Ip Man 2-

8 out of 10

Go watch~!
and remember go home have meal with family~ XD

God bless~!

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