Wednesday, January 28, 2009

[Boz_World] Attire

1st of all, wish u guys...
Happie Chinese New Year~!!
ang pao ang pao XD

today, too sien.. means too bored.. so i here to share some of my thinking = =v actually, wanna post this long time ago, since now i so free, so i do it! haha XD

Attire. what it really means to u? last time when i young (now also still young la.. =3=) i also not really care about my out look, how i wear.. but someone change my mind. yea = =v this is how is happen... Once upon a time, (haha XD telling story now~:P) a girl always come to my house n overnight my place, (no worry, she is my senior..) then always like to do make up.. this n tat.. of course i shoot her. "eh, careful my mirror, later u broke it.. don do so many make up la.. pretty enough liao la.. aiks." i said. then she replied,"u tot i wan a? i also lazy.. i have no choice, coz i need to respect the ppl and the event, tats y i only make up." then i, "er.. ok. jz don break my mirror.. = = "

so, the conclution is, how u wear is how u repect the situation n ppl. so, ppl who don like or don care of yr own attire.. hehe.. still up to u le.. diff ppl diff style, n diff thinking le.. anyway, i will be still the same. don care of my out look. haha XD

God bless~!! = =v

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

[Boz_World] 19th Jan 2009

19-----------------------01~~~~!!!! haha XD
jan of 19, go eat 1901 hotdog! so meaningful~ yea! XD

as i mention in last last last last (also don know which post already.. =3= ) post. every month of 19th, 1901 hotdog have discount! 1 hotdog only sell rm1.99~ YEA!! ( i not sure other country got o not.. Malaysia got la.. hehe.. ) so, this month, of course i wont miss it!! wakakakaakakaa~~!!!

this time. i eat 5! wakaakaakaaa~!! 
(actually i buy 6. =3=)

1901 hotdog

1 more in dustbin.
(someone buy from me, n finish it. aiks =3=)

so next time don miss again oo guys~!
waiting for the next 19!! wahahahaa~ XD

God bless~

Sunday, January 18, 2009

[Boz_World] Korean BBQ

yea~! back to post again! so sorry didnt post so long.. coz busy ma.. hehe (actually coz i go cc every night for game.. haha XD) but now i repent liao.. (haa.. maybe~ :P) so come back to post again. actually this should be post on monday.. but i keep hold til today.. haha XD sorry sorry..

anyway, monday night, our DG dept n IL dept having a gathering dinner. the place is.... Woo Ga Chon! Korean BBQ! what can i comment about the place? aiseh.. REALLY SO NICE oOOooOOooooOOO!!!! wa! i eat non stop ( coz they got  ppl serve us, n BBQ for us, so we jz eat!) then the water can refill la, some dishes also can be refill, if can a, i will eat with tears n say nice!! {something like this===> d [T3T] b}

take pic while waiting for food

very hungry

still very hungry

wa! food!! full of table!!

1st round of BBQ

2nd round of BBQ
(3rd round BBQ didnt take pic. too busy liao.. haha XD)

after all... dessert~!

yea~!! is really being a while i not really eat til i full.. this time i really enjoy it n so happy with it! haha XD so miss the food my mom cook.. coz she always cook extra n lot for me! so i can eat without worry i can full o not.. haha XD 

** for yr info, my stomach like black hole oo~ = =v**

for more picture, visit

God bless!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

[Boz_World] Vine Band

ok. dont ask me WHY. jz come and join the VINE band concert. ya, WHY band. ops. is VINE band. haha XD so, jz come to the VINE band n don ask me WHY. VINE band don know WHY, WHY VINE band know? but u will know WHY once u come to VINE band. come n find out WHY when u see VINE band. tats WHY u need come to VINE band but not VINE band come to u n tell u WHY. clear? haha XD

dont regret if u miss it, coz i already invite u~ haha XD 
Hope see u there~ be on time! 
God bless~!! XD

for more info/map,

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

[Boz_World] Face it? Avoid it?

today while i having my dinner, watching news. there is a news about 2 school girl involved in an accident with bike. 1 wounded. 1 broken leg, quite serious. when i watched this news, i being remind of something. i heard some of my fren share with me, they didnt ride motor bike. some don know how to ride, some didnt even sit on a bike. = =''' for me.. of course i very geng with my bike. coz i am motor driver ma~ wakaka... ppl say i like the "red wind spead racer"!!! (i jz simply say de la.. haha XD kidding kidding...)

so, y they didnt have a chance to get near to motor? then main prob is safety. coz their parents think driving motor if meet accident, u the 1st ppl will go to see Father in Heaven. actually i really not so agree le.. should say like tat. if u very good skill, (means geng cao!) if u meet accident n see Father in Heaven, u also wont regret. hahaha XD kidding la.. =3= anyway, is it means car driver wont die? this.. really up to u to decide. 

for me, in future if i have children, of course i let them learn how to ride motor. coz is fun. n it created for human to use. about the safety case, jz uphold to God le.. if He really so miss u n wan see u, wat u drive also same de.. this wat i think la.. but doesnt means u can drive careless la.. aiseh. 

the main point is, in our life, there is a lot of "motor"(problem) will u ride it? (overcome) or u will jz leave it? (avoid to face it) wat will u choose..? 

**some problem, of course, if we can avoid it we avoid.. but not everything also use the same matter.. think about it~ :)

mayb God give u an clear answer~ God bless~!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

[Boz_World] Happy vs Sad

i believe everyone know n understand much about this 2 word. happy n sad. if u don understand, then nvm. today i introdunce them to u. there is uncle happy n naughty sad. haha XD 

recently i reading a book talk about feeling and emotion. how to control it n make it as yr power to move on. (so u are so call power ranger! haha XD) after reading it, (still read half way de.. haven finish.. hehe) i realize something. actually, U can choose to be happy or sad. really depends on yrself how u look at it. now u know, u have a life, u need to move on, (in christianity, u cant go suitside!! NO NO NO!!) then y not choose to live happily? y live in sadness, ppl around u will like it o not? 

maybe for u, if a fren around u always make a loooooooooooooong sad face, will u like to join him or her together? sure u don like~! but u! ya, u! if u are the one think tat yr life is cacat! unhappy! then.. y not make it more happy? is it really so hard?

money. always will be an issue for us. but u have to think. money not = happy. money cant bring u happy. is it means without money there is no happiness? how about babies? y they smile n feel happy while they look at parents face? is it must use money to buy happiness? for me, the answer is no. NO NO NO. 

wat happiness u r looking for? the happieness tat u buy with money only will make u feel more emptyness.. u already forget about wat is happy. u jz remember sad. becoz sad always give u a strong impact.. n blur yr eye n the feeling about happiness... 

y not now u try to close yr eyes.. think of when is the day u really feel happy~ the reason u feel happy~ the real reason u feel happy~ deep down in yr heart......... 

after u found out.. maybe u will think, "O~ be happy is jz so simple~ simple til i forget.."

have a try. if u really find out the answer n u agree with me.. remember say this..
"I'm sorry, uncle HAPPY."

haha.. XD

God bless~!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

[Boz_World] Zoo Negara

1.1.2009. new year 1st day. wat u doing? for me.. i go to zoo. T^T actually when i was young, i being to many zoo be4.. haha.. is being a while i already didnt go to zoo lo.. so, is not so bad at all. quite fun~ XD also, find some funny things happen in zoo as well~ 
have a look~

i really "don know" y it shout like this le.. haha XD

then i found out, in zoo, most of the animal know a trick even they not leave under the same cage. is to spin around. maybe they too sien liao gua.. haha XD

small bear spin

big bear spin

this one also spin

elephant always have the talent to please ppl. 
tats y they get lot of food. 
maybe jz becoz they nose "long enough" to please ppl gua... haha XD

anyway, i enjoy my 1st day in 2009. thz to victor. =3=
may u have a blessed 1st day n enjoy 2009!!

God bless~!!