Monday, March 30, 2009

[Boz_World] Earth Hour

yea~ i participated it. off light for 1 hour. haha XD

actually, i quite encourage ppl to participate as well.(even now is over liao la.. haha XD) i heard lot ppl say diff things, some say, this is for advertise. some say, this is not workable. some say, is useless. some say, it wont help anything, it just one hour! (diff ppl diff view.. i don mind~ XD)

i here to share share bit le.. is jz my point of view ya~ XD Earth hour, off light for an hour. is it help? actually.. i dont know. haha XD but i sure it help, coz i do some study n research of it. maybe for some ppl they think is jz only an hour wont help much. but i think, better than u didnt off the light at all. means, at least in yr life time, u do off an hour 'trying' to save the world.. = = yea. trying. T3T is impossible ask ppl live without light in these technology generation. (takkan u want all of us go back to stone age meh..? = =''') wat i trying to say is, at least u do something.. is much more better n stronger than u didnt do anything.. TAT anyway, since God bless us the wisdom, we must use it le. jz the prob is, how we use it only... T T

Earth hour, it also help to create awareness among us. with this event, i really hope ppl will start thinking of save energy to save the world as much as u can. maybe u think it is nothing to off an light for an hour. but i hope it create awareness for u or any of u, tat u wont waste electric or any unnecessary electric. i don know about u guys, but for me, it really create awareness in my life, such as, did i really need to on my com(msn) while i not around? while i sleep? did i really need on my fans even i am outside? should i on my air-corn when is raining day? etc.

lastly, is the most funny things i learn. haha XD actually, for those who participate, i jz wanna ask.. in tat 1 hour, wat r u doing? haha XD in this generation, i dare to say, most of the ppl face com more than face human. = = means, they rather spend time with internet, games, but not family members, or frens.. actually for me, i feel tat, it is so sad if we really like tat... coz we should care ppl more than spend time online.. this is wat i think. actually in tat 1 hour i also go mamak n sit only. haha XD so, did u enjoy the 1 hour? or did u headache of wat u need to do in that 1 hour?

i hope u have an Earth hour that is more than an Earth hour. (hope u get wat i try to say le.. haha XD) or, maybe u make everyday as Earth hour? y not? haha XD yea~!!

God bless~!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

[Boz_World] New Job~!!

Yea~!! everyone~!! i get new job lo~!! wakakakaaa!! next month will start work already XD haha.. of course, 1st of all, i wanna thank GOD! whithou Him, i am nothing. then i wanna thank to my mom, she.. she.. (haha.. enough playing around :P but i really mean it to thank God ya XD) thz to those who care so much n support me much!! n also who pray for me. XD appreciate a lot!! Thank YOU!! YEA~!!  v [= =] v

i will be an CG artist in my new company, FLY STUDIO. located near kelana jaya. haha XD so excited to start work n run my engine again! YOSH~!! fighting fighting!!

thank you u all once again!!

God bless~ XD

Monday, March 23, 2009

[Boz_World] Bro wedding

yea~ have been go back hometown for a week. busy for my bro wedding. aiks. then i also jz know my twins, best fren Hoyi also bro wedding in the same week.. haha XD 

so, here's some pic, enjoy~!!

the new room

wedding dinner night

my bro n bride

all brothers n the new member 

the highlight of this blog~!! XD

my cute mom
haha XD
(if she know this pic online, i die. but.. it is online liao. haha XD)

my leng zai bro n i
= =v

yay~ wat a busy week! sometimes i think my photographic skill also not bad wat.. haha XD jz i didnt have a good camera only :P anyway, 

wish their love foreve in the Lord~!!
Amen~!! XD

** for my comic blog, i will update asap ya~!!
coz i don have scanner to scan my drawing in.. so sorry.. T^T
pls wait while. coming soon~!! thz for support!! **

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

[Boz_World] 4. The number of 4

pls, allow me to express myself...



last match! 4-1 !!!!

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! XD


this my ball.aiks.

aiya. i get it liao. thz~


Gerrard penalty



kiss badge!

kiss camera~!! (those girls get crazy~!!! XD)

Fabio free kick, 20 yard.


Dossena, loop. Keeper, Reina assist. haha XD


opps. somone say hate liverpool much...

haha... happy til really very hard only can fall asleep. aiseh. jz post it to express my joy~!! XD for all the goals who miss it,

**i so sorry for those who is not football fans. XD**

God bless~!! = =v

Saturday, March 14, 2009

[MovieTalk] 7 Pounds

Yea! another movie by Will Smith.

actually i like him much! coz i think he is a great actor! coz most of the movie he in, all is meaningful movie~ (i mean the story will be good!) coz as i mention be4, for me, story is the king! so i always takes lot of time to do some research be4 i step in cinema. but for Will Smith case, i don really do any research. coz i believe in him tat he will choose a nice movie n act~!! yay~ XD

7 pounds, another nice movie.

i quite like the story actually. but some don really like it.. (wat i found out is, most of them late to cinema, so miss out the front part... = =) actually u miss out the front part, then the whole movie u not really know wat happening, or u will feel very sien liao.. =3= (so next time don late to cinema aaaa! aiks. =3=) anyway, not much comments bout the movie, coz is simply too good. haha XD but i not really like the way he die. = = coz is consider commit suicide. is some religion things la.. so, don mind tat le.. =3= 

so, yay~! 

Ranking 8 out of 10
another meaningful movie~

recently his poster all show his face enough liao... =3=
hancock also. jz show face o.. hahaa XD

God bless~!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

[Boz_World] Dream

Haha~ Good Morning. = = now is 6am in the morning, n i cant sleep. coz i jz wake up. haha XD so healthy these days. for those who really care about me, jz have some update for u guys. recently, i really doing nothing at home. **Really** (feel like so useless... T3T) of course, running here n there for some interview, now, still waiting.. either interview, or offer letter. haha XD (i believe is coming soon lo.. haha.. yea~!! XD)

some ppl ask me to rest in this period of time, (coz i really wanted a job so hard!! but i didnt get any... =3=) some say, u should enjoy this time! (coz they really busy til no time to rest.. = =) some ask me don worry. some, i not really update them anything.. haha XD anyway, i wanna thanks to those who really care about me. thank you! =D i been planning something these days for myself, so i wont waste the days when it go on. :)

k la. now jz here to share something. Dream~!! yea~ everyone have a dream. ( i hope u have one as well.. :) ) u have a dream is good! but most of the ppl have the wrong thinking or defination of Dream. when i touch a topic on dream.. most ppl will react like this, "ahh..(sigh) ya. dream.. untouchable.. (then close eye.. drop one tears on left eye..)" haha XD is it u also react like this? i hope u not.. =3= 

i watched one series be4. this is wat he say. "everyone have dream! (or maybe dream's' haha XD) but most of the ppl will have 1000 EXCUSES not to go after the dream. but, they wont have 1000 REASONS to go after the dream!"

yea. i know. some of the dream is really untouchable.. and some dream need a lot of sacrify.. but if u don work so hard for it to achive the dream, how can u appreciate it? the chance wont come jz like tat.. u need to work for it! if u keep waiting, n waiting.. listen to me. don have any dream pls. is meaningless to u. = = jz think of how to enjoy yr life la.. T T another issues is.. u have to think for yrself. is it worth if i go for it(yr dream)? ya. this is quite a big issues as well. is it worth? :) 

anyway, i here to encourage everyone. those with dream, GO for it! those without dream, pls get one. haha XD those chasing the dream, Don give up~!! u not alone XD yea!!

God bless~!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

[Boz_World] Farewell Lunch

yea~ another Farewell~ haha XD but this time is my students ask me out for lunch~ haha.. feel so touch~ T3T thank you u all~!!! thz thz~!!

so, we went to One Utama (which consider very far for me... =3=) then i 1st time eat in Pasta Zanmai~ haha XD (western food + japan food, sound so weird...) it is very de nicE!! yea~!! always can see me with lot of good food in this blog a.. erm.. maybe i can consider it is a food blog liao.. haha XD 

here's some pic~

i order Unagi Pasta set! XD
very de nice ooo~!!

Hoe Yi n i again~!! haha XD
farewell me twice~!!

wish all the best in yr Final~!! yosh!!

ah-har~ something wrong behind! 
(i see ultraman~ haha XD)

thanks lot for the lunch~ so sorry coz tat day i was pack, not really can enjoy with u guys~ but nvm, i appreciate it lot!! we keep in touch! XD yay~!! 

God bless much!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

[Boz_World] Farewell Dinner

yea~ another post again.this might be a loooooooooooooooooooooo~ng post, n might be a sad post also oo.. erm.. might be a touching post la~ haha XD but while read it, must happie oo.. haha XD YEa~!!

yea. i already jobless now while i typing this post. haha XD so, if got any update i let u guys know~ (ya. is true la. no job now.. T3T pray gao gao for me ooooo.. T3T i need 3D animator JOB!!) so, my lovely colleague, of course, they make me a big big, happie happie, syok syok farewell dinner~ the place is... WOO GA CHON again~ haha XD 


this time. with Korean beer~!! Suju!
wait for so long~! finally i can drink le!! yea~!! XD
so like KOREA!!

of course~!! we eat, laugh, play, joke, n enjoy lot!!


i really enjoy the dinner very much~ jz here to thank everyone in my dept. really.. THANK YOU so much!!!!! coz i really learn lot from u guys~!! thz lot!! i do appreciate everything happen among us, no matter is good or bad, tat's really something hold us together n work up together! we fight as a team, we work as a team, we enjoy also as a team~!! yea! i wont forget and will remember always the day we have be4, i so sorry if i did anything wrong.. pls forgive me. sorry sorry much.. so unfortunate i have to leave... i do enjoy teaching in TOA, of course. but, y i need to leave? for me, i think i am too young to teach in TOA already. is time for me to move on. to gain more n learn as much as i can from outside world. but, we will keep in touch! yea~!! thanks to technology nowadays~ we can always keep in touch!!

do take care of yrself. pls eat on time (if can.. T^T) be healthy as always!! and may God bless u guys all much!!! yea~!! XD

Hooi Ling and i
(like mother like children~ XD)

Poh Im n i
(like sister like brother~ XD)

Jason n i
(like big bro like nuaghty boy XD)

Junning n i
(my 1st ever assisting lecturer~ XD)

Kevin n Kuan Win
(2 young boy~ XD)

Hoe Yi n i
(TWINS! hahahahaaa XD)

DG dept

funny moment! yea~ haha XD

to DG,
take care, everyone, no worry ya~ still can come out yam cha or lunch one ya~ hehe.. i wont so easy gone in u guys life one.. haha XD keep in touch! don miss me too much, coz i will~!! (T3T don cry don cry..) Fighting~!!! everyone!

so, this is my farewell gift,

Legendary me. haha XD
more info, visit

my working table~ :)

God bless much much!!