Monday, May 26, 2008

[Boz_World] Alpha 2nd week~

so fast.. sunday coming again.. another busy busy busy day~ Today still relax bit in the morning, can sleep late bit, go church late bit, eat lunch enjoy bit, but after tat went back homw quite early.. coz the sky going to rain.. =3= so, i went back le~ suppose to do my portfolio de.. but laying on my bed while... ZZzzz.. Zzzz.. til 5pm = =''' of course i quickly get up!! coz i late le~!!! i need go to church arrange chair oo T^T

so, i rush to church arrange chair, after arrange back home, 530pm!! fast fast iron my cloth n go practice!!! some more the sky going to rain~!!! T^T siao liao la... but tahnk God i still manage get to church athough start small rain le.. anyway, still the same~ we require wear formal on stage.. but i still naughty~ haha "P

~this is how i wear this week~
~nice? hehe...~

~snap in my messy room Xp~

anyway, thanks God today everything run smooth oo~ coz the wheter not so stable oo.. quite worry.. aiks.. jz keep on pray lo~ miracle does happen~ wakakaka XD thank GOD~!! Amen. Jz hope tat next week Alpha will be better n better le.. hehe.. n i went to setapak yam cha oo~ haha.. 1st time "P feel so happy~ keke...

if can, do pray for me.. recently quite tired feel weak..
might sick soon = =
pray for healing n strength o~ thank u
May God bless u guys much much too~
God bless~!!

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