Sunday, May 11, 2008

[Boz_World] CG Convention ART

Today is the last day of CG & DIGITAL Convention ART~ i had work there on friday, 10am-6pm. Here are some pic i wanna share with u when i work there~ XDthere are few worshops n sessions going on in the event~!! :D
some church member i meet there~
**Jean Tan n i Sio Yean n i Daniel n i**

MAYA Series~!! From Maya 8 down to Maya old verison o~~

Monkey King me~ again.. haha "P

Benjamin oo~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! leng zai him~ haha~!! happie~!!


samenduck & mouse? said...

i heard jean tan said he looks absolutely "an-tao" but in this pic he looks normal onli....haha..mayb meet him in person onli can see the difference..

Z-Boz said...

haha.. diff ppl diff taste de.. but he had the artist feeling la~ wakakakaaa~!!! XD