Thursday, May 8, 2008

[Boz_World] Wat A d@y~

Wo~! Today really busy n tired... [="=]
i done so much things n went to lot places.. haha~
ok~ 1st of all... i tot today is jz another normal working day.. so, i went to work.
who know's, when i meet my collegue.. she told me tat i should be show out in Mid Valley~ i get shock~! coz i need to go there, help to set-up the Convention ART event tat will held tmr~ wa........ i fast fast pack my things n go lo.. coz i late.. as always~ haha "P
So, i went to help up the setup, here some pic i taken~
Date: 8 May 2008 - 11 May 2008
Time: 11am-9pm
Venue: Hall 3, Mid Valley Exhibition centre

**Do come n support ya~ i be work there on friday, 10am - 6pm XD**

before i go to the setup.. i do have a walk in Mid Valley~ hehe.. coz i need to buy shoe for myself.. my faithful converse die soon.. so i have find out the shoe tat i wan===> [Umbro, Genesis]
Yeah~!! i so happy find a shoe tat i like~ but i didnt buy it.. know y? coz.. coz.. don have my size aaaaaaaaaa................. *T^T* so so so so sad.... really sad sad a.. aiks.. but i wont give up.. one day if i found out this shoe again.. i will buy it de~!! XD
love love genesis~

so after i done the setup, of course... i playing around la.. hahaha~ XD
got work also gotto play de ma~ "P
ppl say work hard play hard oo~ haha... jz snap some pic la~ XD
*Mr.Incredible My final Project Wall-E*
around 430pm.. i decided go KL to serch for shoe.. if not i really don know how to survive with my faithful converse lo.. so i went to Sungei Wang~ :D
Once i step in Sungei Wang a.. u meet up someone tat i really don aspect to meet one.. he is leng zai ah seng~!! haha.. so funny meet him there.. really so coincidence o~
We shopping together in the end.. haha.. go search for my shoe together~ finally.. found this shoe~!!

the design n the feeling jz almost like the shoe, Umbro Genesis.. but i still like Umbro ooo... T^T so sorry tat i cant find any Umbro shoe in Sungei Wang oo.. (T^T sad sad)
Then after tat we planing go for movie.. but no suitable time also.. haha.. so in the end, we went back lo~ tat time around 6 something le.. then i reach home around 8pm..
wo.. wat a day~ tired yet happie` :D

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