Wednesday, May 28, 2008

[Boz_World] Flower Adventure~

Today.. i should be work hard on my stuff de.. then sudenlly my aunt call me from LA!! O.O
She ask me buy flower for someone in hospital, her husband side relative la.. so i ma promise her le~ so i went to the shop i go usually to buy flower lo~ keke..

Then i order 12 pink roses~ but after tat my aunt call me again n order more oo.. she want 24 roses~!!!!!!! wao~!! so many oo!! 12 pink roses + 12 red roses o~!! RM 130++ o~ hahaha... = =v i think in my whole life a, i also wont have a chance buy so many roses oo~~~~ (sorry le.. my future gf.. hahahaaa XD)

~Snap myself while waiting for the rose~

Quite happy le~ coz can buy so many roses n be deliver boy send the roses over.. i keep snap pic with the roses oo~ so happy!! XD

~rose rose n i~

**Girls.. don envy oo~~ hahahaaaa Xp**

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