Thursday, May 22, 2008

[MovieTalk] Narnia~ Prince Caspian

Hmm.. Prince Caspian.. honestly.. this movie disappointed me once again.. T^T i really tot 2nd one will be better.. i watch infront bit, maybe jz 20min++ i roughly know the whole story le.. aiks [>"<] Anyway, Prince Caspian in the movie is bit sub character o.. King Peter better~ :) even in the end he do the fight. [= =]b but Prince Caspian who offer the idea but he jz stand a side.. aiks.. puik

No doubt, all the creature is well done~!! i like all the moving creature~ (but i wonder how come all the houses wont fight with the Narnians... = =) haha.. talk about the Lion.. i tell u, The Lion wont die, wont get lost, wont disappear, wont gone one~!! He jz like God who can control all the nature things.. when he shows out.. haha.. all also cannot fight.. can go back home liao~ = =

anyway, for me, this movie ok ok only ler~ hehe.. maybe i expect more gua.. "P

Rating: 6 out of 10
6 stars~
who about u leh? hehe..


~A. Mikhaila~ said...

Sligtly disappointed with the film...coz I'd expected it to be much more impactful - didn't quite produce the impact as expected...Lighting a bit too weak in several parts - a lot of the night scenes were overly dim...couldn't really distinguish what the actors were doing in those parts...But overall wasn't too bad...The sets, backdrop, background scenery & Narnian creatures were wonderful! XD Love them! The story brought forth some really meaningful values:

"Things never happen the same twice, dear one..."

"Why can't I see Him?"
"Maybe bcoz u weren't really looking..."
"Maybe it's bcoz u didn't look hard enough..."
"Maybe it's bcoz u didn't really want to..."

"Why won't He show Himself to us?"
"Maybe we need to go and seek Him ourselves if we really want to see Him..."

"Why is it that u did not come to look for Me earlier?"
"Bcoz the others didn't believe me..."
"And u let that stop u from coming to Me?"
"I was too afraid to come by myself..."

"If I had come to You earlier, would all those who have died remain alive still?"
"We never know what would have happened...but we do know what we can do for now"...

- a reminder of men's relationship with God (men's faltering faith VS God's patience, gentleness and everlasting love)...

May all who watch the film be blessed by gaining an insight to knowing our Creator (God) better...knowing ourselves better...and knowing where we stand in Christ...

Overall...not too bad...I'll give it a rate of 6.5 stars *out of 10*

+Grace to all...+

Z-Boz said...

wo~ wat a long coment.. haha
anyway, i jz remember i left out some note or important part to share also.. thz for remind T^T

i do learn from the movie~
1, have faith in the Lord~ jz like
wat Lucy did.
2, make the right choice~ sometimes
we will be temp.. but stand firm
n make the right choice!
3, have faith n ourselve~ sometimes
we jz don believe how much we
can do for the Lord had bless

so, di do learn lot things also XD
not waste money also~ wakaka~!!
Thank God~