Sunday, May 11, 2008

[Boz_World] PLS TAKE NOTE!!!

Who ever live in Subang Ville,

Everyone pls take note~!!
i jz notice a msg near my staircase, it state about a very slim guy will come in from the fence behind yr kitchen. He can go thru the fence becoz he slim enough... = ='''
He go in some ppl house even they in the house also.. pls be careful n aware of this matter!!

so.. guys n girls.. pls pls pls pls~!!!
lock all yr doors! even yr room!! when u sleep!!
PLS be EXTRA careful!!!

there is a 2nd case tat they might come in yr room from toilet window tat without fence.. especially master room!!
pls lock yr toilet window also, if yr toilet window don have fence!
pls take note n warn whoever u know tat stay in Subang Ville!! pls contact police if needed!!

Police Station (Bandar Sunway) - 03 56382122
or go to this link for more urgen contact:-

be more careful guys! if necessary pls save the phone number of yr nearest police station~!!
be more on guard~!

May God bless u all~ Peace be with u guys too~
God bless~

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~A. Mikhaila~ said...

Additional note:

The burglar seems to aim on Block C and also the section of Block A which is at the end farther away from the guardhouse, as evidenced by cases reported. He carries out his activity between 2am to 5am. At least 4 cases have been known to happen between 1st May to 11th May - of which he had succeeded in 2 of them. All Subang Ville residents, please make sure you PADLOCK ALL the grills you have installed over your doors and windows. Worse comes to worst, sleep with your wallet under your pillow. Do Not leave them on your table, in your drawer, or in your bag...Please be extra careful, everyone...