Tuesday, May 20, 2008

[Boz_World] My bro n i

Today (14th May.wed), i take leave~ (hahaha.. lazy work o.. "P)
then i go out with my bro~ he come to KL find me~ so happy!! haha :D

~my bro (leng zai leh~ :D)~

We go Pyramid shopping le~ lunch in Cal's Jr. then we go walk around see see look look "P
i buy a cloth.. hehe.. should be nice de~ Then we go play game also~ haha.. always like to play game with him, coz we really have same mind.. so is easy for us to complete a game sometimes~ keke... after tat we go movie le~ IRON MAN!! wakakaaka~
a nice movie! must watch aaaa~!!! hehe~

~same style~

He going to study soon... i also long time never back home le.. honoursly, i miss my family~ very much T^T ai.. for sure i miss him much too... once he go study, i lagi hard to meet him.. aiks.. anyway, for sure will wish him all the best!! He still forever my best brother ever~!! :)
Thank God for my family~ we go thru so much... Amen.

~My bro n i~

(we look alike? hehe..)

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Jovina said...

He more leng zai then u...lol