Tuesday, May 20, 2008

[Boz_World] Alpha Party~!!

Quite busy n tired for the whole day~ jz keep on work work n work.. haha.. but i glad tat i can work n i part of it~~!! :D

-Alpha Course, every sunday night 7pm (6weeks to go)-
-transport n food provided-
-for more infomation? ask me ler~ hehe...-

Alpha Party is a very important night~ Pastor keep on stress this point to alpha worship team.. i one of them.. haha.. i the vocalist~ :D really hope can get some comment from u guys~ coz i not really know how i sing tat night.. i mean i know how i sing la.. jz don know wat u guys think.. need some comment or advise.. so i can improve more~ :) thz u~ T^T
anyway, this is how i wear tat night.. (feel like i am japanese~"P)

honoursly, worship leader ask us wear formal de.. but for those who know me well, i bit naughty la.. haha.. still i don know i wear like this ok o not la.. coz pastor say is very important night, so i ma try my best make myself good looking lo.. bit too punky liao la~ haha....(i feel.. "P) how about u guys? wat u think? let me know oo~

Anyway, tat night i feel very exciting n joyful~!! n the worship is very GENG aa~!! (not i geng.. is the worship leader geng aa..) REally~ d[T^T]b
Glad tat i attend the alpha party~ althought i didnt join the group, but i do enjoy to 'fellowship' around~ :D jz pray hard n hope God will do the rest, n bless those who seek His Will~!! Amen.

Really hope more new frens will join our big Family~!! Welcome u guys~!! @[> <]@
Gambatte~!! n ask more frens!! share with them aa~~
God bless~! :D


samenduck & mouse? said...

a bit too red...lik lala zai...hahaha...good for concert mayb.

Z-Boz said...

but i like red wo.. haha "P
yea.. bit lala le i know..
keke XD
thz for comment~!