Saturday, August 9, 2008

[Boz_Art] Nike Event

Wo~ recently so busy jz becoz of this ===> Nike Event. i involve in this project as an animator. i do all the animation, composite, editing, and rendering :) is a lot of work, and all this have to be done in 2 weeks. T^T quite tired also.. haha.. not enough sleep of course~ :P

anyway, i glad tat i involve in this project, it was a great experience! this is a so call
container art event. now is held at Pavilion, 4-8pm. so, if u free then u can have a look at my work there le~ hehe.. but the exhibition only until next week o~ don miss the chance "P

no more words~ let the pic speak louder~ hehe.. enjoy~!!

-the day before exhibition (10pm-4am)-

-Work in progress-

-the crews-
-exhibition day-

-our container art-

-ppl enjoy drawing-

-of course i draw also-

-the board n i-
-pic of the d@y (try act as character in the container XD)-

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OnigiriVal said...

Hahaha, I've been there =D