Tuesday, August 5, 2008

[Boz_World] DG30

is being a long time we didnt out for a meet or a meal~ this time, thanks to Chin Per.. he jz back from outstation and he invite us out for a meal~ all this are my classmate when i study in college :D all of them are cute n joyful~ of course, crazy for art~!! haha XD we have lunch GasOnline in Pyramid, i tell u.. tat place a.. aiks.. expensive price, small portion
=3= < deng )

anyway, i do enjoy the fellowship in the meeting~ really!! is jz so great XD maybe next time should arrange more meeting like this~ haha XD most of the time, jz becoz of work, we're set apart, far far away from frens.. but i think we all can jz make some time, n scarify a bit to meet up, we will enjoy the fellowship tat money cant buy... anyway, bros!! Frens Forever!! DG30 Rocks!! wakaka XD

-WORXSHOP Production-

-DG 30-

-these 4 guys never change de.. haha.. XD-

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小彭 said...

make sure u dun gt potong stim inside gasoline