Sunday, August 24, 2008

[Boz_World] A Choice of Forgiveness

so sorry guys for late update. I'm really too busy this week. i went to airport for 4 times in one week.. =3= anyway, is glad i can drive car also~ i enjoy driving car XD

tonight, i attended Deep and Strong. Finally, is a place and also is a time for me to release.. thanks for all the brothers and sisters in Christ in church who support me all the while. no matter u support me in prayer or in word or in action. i know i cry so hard that might scare out someone else or make "someone" even more worry.. but i jz wanna say, "Thank you very much~" :) is really a great joy to be with u guys n serve the Lord~! n i would like to serve Him even more!

tonight, i cry much. coz i know, in deep down my heart there is something i cant let go. but, i can CHOOSE to forgive, n i have to choose to forgive, and also is time i have to deal with it. coz i jz carry it too long with me.. n it is UNHEALTHY at all! coz i cant really grow much in Christ! ..though, i do need u guys keep me in prayer still :) thanks lot!

it is good to be free. n i choose to be free, coz i choose to forgive. if u feel tat u not free, uncomfortable, or burden much, maybe is time for u to CHOOSE n come back to The Lord..? (**come Deep and Strong next week le~ 7pm oo.. advertisement time while~** XP ) i think u should. coz there must be something wrong. n u should pray n deal with it but not avoid it, (avoiding something that u know is wrong is very dangerous oo.. dont say i didnt warn u.. =3=) In Jesus Name, He can clear all the things tat block u n Him :)

be brave n encourage!
i do encourage u guys to share yr experience in Deep n Strong!

God bless~!! XD

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