Tuesday, August 12, 2008

[Boz_World] Assassin in my room

Assassin, as u guys know is someone like killer or murderer. Assassin should be someone that very alert to surrounding, someone very caution, someone that believe in themselves but not other people. will u welcome this kind of ppl?

actually, i got this weird n funny thinking that if one day, an Assassin come to my place n the Assassin can sleep very well in my bedroom means that i am a person the Assassin trust well enough. i might feel glad about it o~ haha.. don know is it my weird thinking cause me re-act like this.. :P

anyway, my point is.. we jz like an Assassin. we very careful of our surrounding, caution of wat ppl think of ourselves.. we hardly go into ppl room n have a good sleep or reveal ourselves.. we worry much more than we need to worry.. y like that..?

room represent yr heart. can any Assassin come to u comfortable n share things with u? reveal themselves to u? or they only can step in yr living room? dining room? or they jz can step outside yr house only? y? y like that..?

we as an Assassin, we looking for a room to rest and reveal ourselves.. at the same time, we are also a house, have living room, dining room, store room, bedroom, master room.. we look for ppl to stay in also.. so, did u find yr room yet? did yr room got anyone stay yet? where can they stay?

for yr information, ppl who can step in yr..
living room/dining room = ppl who can fellowship with u or normal chatting.
bedroom = ppl who can share heart with u.
master room = only yr life partner can go in la.. haha..
store room = er.. either they real bad.. or they jz rubbish.

how about me?
where can i stay?
and who wanna stay in my house? :)
don rent yr house oo~ haha XD


R.S. said...

so u be careful la when i come over:D

Z-Boz said...

bring it on Assasin Rick~
show me wat u have la~ guitar hero?
haha~~ XD