Sunday, August 31, 2008

[Boz_Sharing] Unlimited vs Limited

yello! once again i back.
ya ya i know, is being a long time never upload new post liao ma right?
(now up load lo... =3= )

actually, now is around 3am in the morning of Malaysia Merdeka day. so, allow me shout it out for this year merdeka, "MERDEKA!!!!!!!"
ok.. now feel better. anyway, tot plan to go n see fireworks at pyramid, but end up in ah boy.. = = thanks God also le.. coz there is no fireworks in pyramid.. hahAHHAhahahHAHAH XD (kesian tu wayne XP ke----------------lian wooo... hahahahaaa)

ok ok, enough of teasing ppl "P is time i go into my topic today~
(be4 i make it too long again..)

.Unlimited vs Limited.

wat is unlimited to u? n wat is limited to u?
actually i do find out something funny. always always, "limited" like to do/archive wat "unlimited" can do. then they make "unlimited" become "limited". is it too complicated to u? maybe u read again slowly this time, ..."limited" like to do/archive wat "unlimited" can do. then they make "unlimited" become "limited"... get it? hope so.. haha.. so the result is, they make themselve in a hard condition. (maybe i should say is in worst condition)

anyway, wat i trying to say? actually is quite simply n straight forward.. "limited" means you, "unlimited" means God. so now, simple enough for u to understand wat i trying to say?

this is wat i observe around in my life. actually God, the unlimited is always there to help us, who in limited. many things He can help u, but we always "try our very best" to make things right. Y not uphold to God? Y not ask Him help? Y u wan do the job tat "Unlimited" only can do?

once again, as my opinion, maybe is time u should quite down yrself, think about it.. is it u uphold most of yr things in yr life to God? or u jz take over wat God should done in yr life?

Luke 12
31But seek his kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well.

let Him be the center of yr heart 1st
then the rest He will gao dim for u la~
God bless~!

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