Wednesday, August 20, 2008

[Boz_World] Transfomer

today, my department had brought the original DVD of Transformer movie! it was so cool~ of course i do figure what special feature inside! it jz so cool..... T^T how many time i watch again n again, i still feel this is a very good, nice, awesome movie! even the making also very geng~!! here the dvd cover, it can be transform also..

-Transformer dvd cover (front)-

-Transformer dvd cover (back)-

-after transform (stand-able, steady n firm)-
-price: RM 169.90-

-Transformer(dvd cover) n i-

plan to get one?
haha.. XD


R.S. said...

can i borrow?:D

Z-Boz said...

not i don wan borrow o.. i would like to.. but the DVD belongs to TOA library.. so sorry.. T^T

**maybe u join TOA as student lo..
haha XD

OnigiriVal said...

Can I have the Optimus Prime? You can keep the dvds. =p