Monday, August 11, 2008

[Boz_Poll] Drummer? Vocalist?

erm.. i think is time for me to explain about my poll le.. hehe.. jz wanna know that i serve as drummer better le? or vocalist better? coz i think sometimes i jz need to be more focus in one serving area if i need to choose.. of course, both i also like la :D jz wanna know which u guys prefer only ba.. hehe.. curious ma~ "P

anyway, i also will pray about it la XD

for the poll below, movie of the month of July, i think is straight forward enough le~ hehe.. but i think no much ppl know can vote more than 1 ho.. so if u wish to vote again.. pls, make yrself at home~!! XD

so.. go n VOTE VoTE!!

God bless~!!