Sunday, August 31, 2008

[Boz_Sharing] Unlimited vs Limited

yello! once again i back.
ya ya i know, is being a long time never upload new post liao ma right?
(now up load lo... =3= )

actually, now is around 3am in the morning of Malaysia Merdeka day. so, allow me shout it out for this year merdeka, "MERDEKA!!!!!!!"
ok.. now feel better. anyway, tot plan to go n see fireworks at pyramid, but end up in ah boy.. = = thanks God also le.. coz there is no fireworks in pyramid.. hahAHHAhahahHAHAH XD (kesian tu wayne XP ke----------------lian wooo... hahahahaaa)

ok ok, enough of teasing ppl "P is time i go into my topic today~
(be4 i make it too long again..)

.Unlimited vs Limited.

wat is unlimited to u? n wat is limited to u?
actually i do find out something funny. always always, "limited" like to do/archive wat "unlimited" can do. then they make "unlimited" become "limited". is it too complicated to u? maybe u read again slowly this time, ..."limited" like to do/archive wat "unlimited" can do. then they make "unlimited" become "limited"... get it? hope so.. haha.. so the result is, they make themselve in a hard condition. (maybe i should say is in worst condition)

anyway, wat i trying to say? actually is quite simply n straight forward.. "limited" means you, "unlimited" means God. so now, simple enough for u to understand wat i trying to say?

this is wat i observe around in my life. actually God, the unlimited is always there to help us, who in limited. many things He can help u, but we always "try our very best" to make things right. Y not uphold to God? Y not ask Him help? Y u wan do the job tat "Unlimited" only can do?

once again, as my opinion, maybe is time u should quite down yrself, think about it.. is it u uphold most of yr things in yr life to God? or u jz take over wat God should done in yr life?

Luke 12
31But seek his kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well.

let Him be the center of yr heart 1st
then the rest He will gao dim for u la~
God bless~!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

[Boz_Sharing] Focus

haha.. is time i have to reveal the answer to u guys lo~

ya ya.. i know, recently u see(or maybe "saw"?) i reading ma right? i know i know, u guys comfirm have this reaction, "HUH?!! CX read book??!!" or maybe u react like this, "wat?! he read BOOK??! no wonder these few days keep raining la.........." or maybe something similiar to this, "oh.. the end of the world come lo.. CX read book wa!!!!!!" = =

ya. i reading these days. y? y so sudden i read book? (for ppl who know me well, they know i not a "reading book" guy.. tats y they react like this.. so it's normal T^T) i read becoz there is something i need to do n heading towards. that create the topic of today~ Focus.


erm.. is being a long time i only realise tat i have too many things around me tat i need to take care of. that make me have no time to focus on wat i suppose to deal with. the root of this problem is, u have to know wat come 1st, tats mean priority. once u make clear of it, i sure u know how to deal with it. jz be focus n deal with it!

planning + discipline = focus
(my defination la~ hehe)

for example, if u are runner, of course finish up the race is yr goal. so, u have to start planning 1st. how long is the race? 100km? 500km? how long u need to finish it? 1 week? 1 month? or more? (sorry, i make the blog getting longer T^T)

after u plan, of course self-discipline. this is a very important part also. i think i no need stress much on this part~ but u guys should take more caution of self-discipline oo.. don sayang yrself too much.. hope u get wat i mean le~ n really consider it oo.. is good for yeself de :)

anyway, both 2 point is jz my advise, and i really doing it now. my plan of finish up the book is end of this month. (means when merdeka le~ hehe) so, i conculcate i have around 10 days, and 100 pages to finish the book. Easy, 1 day at least 10 pages :) then my self-discipline to finish up 10 pages each day~ (also discipline myself sleep on 130am de.. hehe) now, every thing goes well~ n i will keep it on going til i finish it! = =v

so, do u have anything to focus on? are u focusing now n start doing it? if not, i think maybe is time to quiet down yrself, to think, to plan n start work on it lo~ :)

1 Corinthians 12

27Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.
28And in the church God has appointed first of all apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then workers of miracles, also those having gifts of healing, those able to help others, those with gifts of administration, and those speaking in different kinds of tongues.
29Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Do all work miracles?
30Do all have gifts of healing? Do all speak in tongues[d]? Do all interpret?
31But eagerly desire[e] the greater gifts.

And now I will show you the most excellent way.

er.. i think maybe i write too long le.. so sorry.. like old man very "long gas" =3=

anyway, i hope it helps~!! :D

Focus folks~! dude~! guys~! or wat so ever to call. haha XD

God bless~!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

[Boz_World] A Choice of Forgiveness

so sorry guys for late update. I'm really too busy this week. i went to airport for 4 times in one week.. =3= anyway, is glad i can drive car also~ i enjoy driving car XD

tonight, i attended Deep and Strong. Finally, is a place and also is a time for me to release.. thanks for all the brothers and sisters in Christ in church who support me all the while. no matter u support me in prayer or in word or in action. i know i cry so hard that might scare out someone else or make "someone" even more worry.. but i jz wanna say, "Thank you very much~" :) is really a great joy to be with u guys n serve the Lord~! n i would like to serve Him even more!

tonight, i cry much. coz i know, in deep down my heart there is something i cant let go. but, i can CHOOSE to forgive, n i have to choose to forgive, and also is time i have to deal with it. coz i jz carry it too long with me.. n it is UNHEALTHY at all! coz i cant really grow much in Christ! ..though, i do need u guys keep me in prayer still :) thanks lot!

it is good to be free. n i choose to be free, coz i choose to forgive. if u feel tat u not free, uncomfortable, or burden much, maybe is time for u to CHOOSE n come back to The Lord..? (**come Deep and Strong next week le~ 7pm oo.. advertisement time while~** XP ) i think u should. coz there must be something wrong. n u should pray n deal with it but not avoid it, (avoiding something that u know is wrong is very dangerous oo.. dont say i didnt warn u.. =3=) In Jesus Name, He can clear all the things tat block u n Him :)

be brave n encourage!
i do encourage u guys to share yr experience in Deep n Strong!

God bless~!! XD

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

[Boz_World] Transfomer

today, my department had brought the original DVD of Transformer movie! it was so cool~ of course i do figure what special feature inside! it jz so cool..... T^T how many time i watch again n again, i still feel this is a very good, nice, awesome movie! even the making also very geng~!! here the dvd cover, it can be transform also..

-Transformer dvd cover (front)-

-Transformer dvd cover (back)-

-after transform (stand-able, steady n firm)-
-price: RM 169.90-

-Transformer(dvd cover) n i-

plan to get one?
haha.. XD

[Boz_World] Plant with egg-shell

i am really wats the egg shell for.. =3=
u got the answer?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

[Boz_World] Assassin in my room

Assassin, as u guys know is someone like killer or murderer. Assassin should be someone that very alert to surrounding, someone very caution, someone that believe in themselves but not other people. will u welcome this kind of ppl?

actually, i got this weird n funny thinking that if one day, an Assassin come to my place n the Assassin can sleep very well in my bedroom means that i am a person the Assassin trust well enough. i might feel glad about it o~ haha.. don know is it my weird thinking cause me re-act like this.. :P

anyway, my point is.. we jz like an Assassin. we very careful of our surrounding, caution of wat ppl think of ourselves.. we hardly go into ppl room n have a good sleep or reveal ourselves.. we worry much more than we need to worry.. y like that..?

room represent yr heart. can any Assassin come to u comfortable n share things with u? reveal themselves to u? or they only can step in yr living room? dining room? or they jz can step outside yr house only? y? y like that..?

we as an Assassin, we looking for a room to rest and reveal ourselves.. at the same time, we are also a house, have living room, dining room, store room, bedroom, master room.. we look for ppl to stay in also.. so, did u find yr room yet? did yr room got anyone stay yet? where can they stay?

for yr information, ppl who can step in yr..
living room/dining room = ppl who can fellowship with u or normal chatting.
bedroom = ppl who can share heart with u.
master room = only yr life partner can go in la.. haha..
store room = er.. either they real bad.. or they jz rubbish.

how about me?
where can i stay?
and who wanna stay in my house? :)
don rent yr house oo~ haha XD

Monday, August 11, 2008

[Boz_Poll] Drummer? Vocalist?

erm.. i think is time for me to explain about my poll le.. hehe.. jz wanna know that i serve as drummer better le? or vocalist better? coz i think sometimes i jz need to be more focus in one serving area if i need to choose.. of course, both i also like la :D jz wanna know which u guys prefer only ba.. hehe.. curious ma~ "P

anyway, i also will pray about it la XD

for the poll below, movie of the month of July, i think is straight forward enough le~ hehe.. but i think no much ppl know can vote more than 1 ho.. so if u wish to vote again.. pls, make yrself at home~!! XD

so.. go n VOTE VoTE!!

God bless~!!

[Boz_World] Why blogging?

Yellor~ guys!

have a question in my mind quite a long time ago.. "why blogging?" simple n straight forward~ :) jz curious why nowadays ppl like to write blog de.. although i also writing la.. haha~ but my purpose of writing blog is to glorify God thru my testimonial de.. maybe is quite sien for u guys le.. haha.. sorry i am boring ppl =3=

anyway, some ppl say,
blogging = open dairy (no privacy at all, coz dairy should be "P&C".. haha XD)

but some ppl say,
blogging = voice out something.

some ppl also say,
blogging = share my feeling.. coz no one listen to me.. :(

but wat says u? mind to share?? i would like to know :)
hope someone sharing can be my answer as well~
thz lot guys~!! (erm.. i mean girls also.. =3=)

God bless~!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

[Boz_Testi] Give and take away

last 2 days, i lost my tag, TOA tag. tat tag if i need get it again.. it cost me around RM 100.. T^T IS EXPENSIVE TU~!! i was no mood for whole day.. coz i quite tired n busy on my stuff, everything already become mess, now my tag lost somemore.. really tak syok.. Zzz

but when night, after i go here n there, busying my things, i back home.. when i reach guard house, the guard stop me.. n ask me, is this yrs? wao! is my tag!!! wahahaha!!! really thank God~ T^T i no need pay for it~!! really glad.. after that, i sudden think of something.. God remind me again.. He is the one who give and take away.. although this is a small things in my life.. but, it really remind me again.. thank God i do pray while i try to look back for my tag :P
"gam qia shong ti~!!"

love u much God! @(> <)@

remember ya~
everything is from God~
jz give thanks to the Lord while u have something u wan or u wish..
n appreciate it much ya~ :)
God bless~!!

[Boz_Art] Nike Event

Wo~ recently so busy jz becoz of this ===> Nike Event. i involve in this project as an animator. i do all the animation, composite, editing, and rendering :) is a lot of work, and all this have to be done in 2 weeks. T^T quite tired also.. haha.. not enough sleep of course~ :P

anyway, i glad tat i involve in this project, it was a great experience! this is a so call
container art event. now is held at Pavilion, 4-8pm. so, if u free then u can have a look at my work there le~ hehe.. but the exhibition only until next week o~ don miss the chance "P

no more words~ let the pic speak louder~ hehe.. enjoy~!!

-the day before exhibition (10pm-4am)-

-Work in progress-

-the crews-
-exhibition day-

-our container art-

-ppl enjoy drawing-

-of course i draw also-

-the board n i-
-pic of the d@y (try act as character in the container XD)-

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

[Boz_World] DG30

is being a long time we didnt out for a meet or a meal~ this time, thanks to Chin Per.. he jz back from outstation and he invite us out for a meal~ all this are my classmate when i study in college :D all of them are cute n joyful~ of course, crazy for art~!! haha XD we have lunch GasOnline in Pyramid, i tell u.. tat place a.. aiks.. expensive price, small portion
=3= < deng )

anyway, i do enjoy the fellowship in the meeting~ really!! is jz so great XD maybe next time should arrange more meeting like this~ haha XD most of the time, jz becoz of work, we're set apart, far far away from frens.. but i think we all can jz make some time, n scarify a bit to meet up, we will enjoy the fellowship tat money cant buy... anyway, bros!! Frens Forever!! DG30 Rocks!! wakaka XD

-WORXSHOP Production-

-DG 30-

-these 4 guys never change de.. haha.. XD-

Monday, August 4, 2008

[Boz_Art] my "artistic" lunch~

oh~ sunday again~ haha XD

as usual, i will always book my lunch in church n eat there while waiting pastor Yee Shiong, coz i am her driver every sunday~ haha :P

while eating.. haha.. i know i naughty, go n take pen n draw~ coz jz feel like drawing~ keke.. but after snap some pic i throw the things away lo.. =3= waste ink oo.. haha :P

this is wat i draw~

- my lunch-

[MovieTalk] Hellboy 2


this movie, it is artistic~ it's really effect gao gao~!! i tell u, i really go watch effect only~ haha... the story lehh.. so so le.. is likt normal hero story la.. in the end still win.. haha XD

actually i like tat part when they fight the God of jungle i think.. the green monster la.. haha.. it is a nice scene n beautiful scene also~ i like it much~!! XD

-Ron Perlman as Hellboy-

-Doug Jones as Abe Sapien/The Chamberlain/The Angel of Death-

-Selma Blair as Liz Sherman-

-James Dodd + John Alexander (voice) as Johann Krauss-

-Luke Goss as Prince Nuada-

-Anna Walton as Princess Nuala-

i also like the princess Nuala oo.. hehe don know y~ :P

Ranking 8 out of 10