Wednesday, June 18, 2008

[Boz_World] Accident Report

(Sunway) i accident on last Sunday, 15 June 08, while i driving happily towards to church for lunch. Then i being bang down by a car, Proton Wira, black color. I can't manage see the car's car plate number cause while i manage to stable myself, the car is already far away from me. (means, he bang me n run away, don't even stop.. T^T) Sad.. aiks.. nvm.. May God bless him le.. (maybe is she also..)

I go back to the same place take some picture.. coz i remember i do left some "drawing" on the road. Still, i'm artist ma~ = =v

Careful on the road guys~ May God protect all of u~!! Amen! :)

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