Wednesday, June 18, 2008

[Boz_World] Vote Vote~

Recently, i wonder much to cut my hair o not.. haha.. so i had make a vote box~ so do go n vote~!! i need u guys opinion also.. thz thz~ if can also leave comment here le.. any comment will do~ let me know "WHY?" la at least.. hahaa.. coz i quite like my hair style now o.. but already so many ppl wan me cut short my hair liao.. aiks.. =3=

Thanks Guys~ God bless~!! XD


*~Sasha~* said...

Different ppl will always have varied opinions...for me, I would say that if u like ur current hairstyle, then u should keep it, coz it's ur hair & not theirs. Juz style it the way u like it, & be proud of it, too. :)

Accepting others' advice & opinions is a good thing but sometimes listening to ppl's opinions doesn't mean u have to follow them, coz most ppl tend to be in the "common and acceptable" group. They see something different sometimes and start to try and give "helpful" advice...coz they think being unique or extraordinary equals to being "weird" and "unacceptable" in their eyes...If everyone follows each other's advice soon our world would become so dull coz everyone will look practically the same. God is a creative God who creates each one of us to be unique - in appearances, thoughts, character, attitudes, preferences...etc.

Artistic ppl tend to stand out from the crowd coz they dare to be different, dare to express their own individual styles...and, in this way, they dare to make a difference. That's how ppl start a "trend" (and how u create ur own "signature" or "mark"), whereas others juz simply follow...

Getting to know others' opinion is a good thing, but as an artist, juz be confident of ur own style and art sense ya...And...Bible did mention "...dare to make a difference...dare to be different in this world..." :)

If you really can't seem to make up ur mind in the end, then juz pray about it and ask God to help u make the decision ba...That one will certainly be the best decision then... XP

There is a purpose that God made each one of us to be different and unique. So, shine ur light for Him ba... X) the way, may the Lord heal ur wounds and strengthen u, and may His protection be upon u always...

+God bless...+

Victor da Lee said...

sasha said whatever i want to say dy..
well, if you are considering pastor's hairstyle, let me know in advance, i teman you.. haha

Z-Boz said...

wa... tats a long comment.. anyway, i do the voting things is for fun a~ haha XD no worry la.. i know wat i doing.. don so serious le.. aiseh... u still don "understand" me much oo.. hahaha~ :P

thanks for yr payer anyway~

God bless too,

Jason said...

eh our share grp commitment on baldy hair haven beeen we both will get famous in TOa nanti..