Sunday, June 29, 2008

[Boz_World] Interview with Khee Vun

-----Our church brand new program!-----
Interview with Khee Vun

Live in FCC

haha.. is jz so funny of the name~ but is really fresh tat this event is happen in the church~ for some ppl information la.. Khee Vun leh is my pastor in church.. if u 1st time see him, pls don feel shy jz laugh out loud la~ haha XD

i also one of the ppl get to involve in this interview.. i feel like very funny on stage also la.. get interview is still the 1st time.. also feel quite weird oo.. haha.. all the feed back i get a.. is i'm so L.A.M.E------------- haha... XD

( i also 1st time mar... =3= )


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TL said...

actually pastor called that program, "Coffee with Khee Vun". We want to make it sound nice but we only served plain water.. :P