Friday, June 27, 2008

[Boz_World] Jacky Last d@y

well, the time has come.. jacky leave us today le.. T^T

Jacky, my cell member then later become my share member (haha XD) he join our cell group as nun-believer, but now.. he is a faithful christian liao.. so good~ all praise to the Lord~!! d = = b Last night, we out to dinner, out to supper, out to watch spain vs russia.. but in the end, he is too tired, so i jz send him back home when half time.. =3= anyway, i sure miss him.. coz he is the one always together with me "shoot" my leader~ haha XD then now no more liao.. have to shoot alone, but nvm, i still have jason with me.. haha :P

jz will keep him in prayer, wish him luck in his study also :) remember jacky! anything happen, follow the Lord, pray to Him 1st be4 anything u trying to do la XD keep in Him ya, then be the light n salt for the world~ do keep in touch with us ya~ 1 time as brothers n sisters in Christ, forever we are!!!! anything jz let us know, coz u jz know how much we(all the share memberssszz) care for u :)

jacky n i
pic taken in a boy after we dinner, n i jz after work..
horible look =3=

Be still bro~!! God bless u much~!! :D

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小彭 said...

T.T i cant make it...aikz..