Wednesday, June 11, 2008

[Boz_World] Alpha 4th week~

alpha had come into 4th week lo..
i do serve this week as vocalist~ :D
this is how i wear this week~

How? nice a?
haha.. leave some comment le~
thz thz XD

** DO come this week alpha oo~!! is Holy Spirit Weekend!! the highlight of alpha course~!!**
God bless~!!


~A. Mikhaila~ said...

Hmm...that day both onstage and offstage also seemed come when show up in photo somehow looks like waiter...??? = = " Picture and reality...quite big difference...? Err...technical problem?? And...I thought Holy Spirit weekend was supposed to be the following weekend...It's this coming weekend?? O.O

Jovina said...

haha..i agree with Alicia..actuali i wanna leave comment said that u looks like waiter...haha..hey sis, u faster then me..hehehe:P

Z-Boz said...

wa.. u both really in "one heart" le.. aiks.. anyway, i also know i wear like a waiter de.. haha.. but a smart waiter ma = =v

thz for comment anyway~ XD

Victor da Lee said...

teh oh ais limau satu~~~

Jannie said...

Well, i think you look like you're going to get marry or the best man of the groom. Don't wear like that when i get marry ya... Hihihih

Z-Boz said...

doi.. = ='''
i think i should ban myself wear like this liao.. haha...
jennie~ when marry i sure wear nice nice come~ hahah "P
maybe i help u do ice-breaker? hahaa~~ XD