Monday, June 16, 2008

[Boz_World] Happy Father's d@y~

Sat night sermon was a nice one~!! = =b Good a~~!!

message for boys/guys/man,

You LOVE, You LEAD, You ORDER~!!
Learn to LOVE~ jz like CHRIST LOVE the church~

ya.. guys, i know sometimes u guys jz wanna act cool or serious.. but remember sometimes u have to show yr love also de.. cannot jz be too cool le~ hope u guys get wat i mean.. haha.. n don be too "system-matic" also la.. haha.. ( i hope u know i "shoot" u la.. Xp )

anyway, i don touch when the prayer n worship goes on~ coz i miss my dad.. long time didnt see him lo.. he doing well n good.. (coz call him liao XD) anyway.. i accident on father's day also.. but is jz small matter la.. jz not so syok coz the feller bang me n jz drive away.. aiks! he didnt stop wa~~~~ angry e............ aiks.. nvm la.. wat to do? i bai ka now again lo.. n take more rest la.. =3= pls pray for me.. thank u~ need protection... not easy a.. 1 year 2 accident but haven die yet.. [= ='''] v gam qia shong ti.. Amen.

lastly.. Happy Father's day to my Father~!! also all fathers in the earth~ of course Father in heaven also la~!! hehe.. XD


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