Friday, June 27, 2008

[Boz_World] Church Wide Prayer Meeting

ya ya.. i attend the prayer meeting.. some ppl is quite shock see me there tat night.. coz for ppl who know me well, they know i wont go de.. haha.. so y i attend tat night leh? burden?? no la.. jz becoz after the meeting i will have media production meeting.. so jz go for the prayer meeting also lo~ :)

anyway, tat night is like prayer meeting, yet not like prayer meeting also... y? even pastor also say is like sunday morning service.. = =''' coz is [preaching+prayer meeting] haha... but is good le, at least now we know wat we lack of, wat we need, n wats our target..

so, wat we lack of?? YOU!!
wat we need??!!!?!? YOU!!
wats our target???! YOU!!

feel burden? come serve la.. keke.. coz we need workers~ don tell me is not the timing yet.. jz tell me u willing o not~ ok? simple :) ask yr heart, hear yr heart, n follow Jesus, Amen.

God bless~

-Church Wide Prayer Meeting (CWPM?)-
-25 Jun 2008.Wednesday.830pm-

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