Monday, June 16, 2008

[Boz_World] Peter & Rinny Wedding~!!

Congrats to Peter & Rinny~!!
today i went to their wedding dinner o~ share some picture with u guys le :D

~Wedding dinner of Peter & Rinny~

~Rinny n i~

ppl in table numer 7
Kelly, Tracy, Lai Kang, Gavin, Me, Michael (also Vui Theng n Graise~)

~Michael n i~

~Kai Fong n i~

~Bao Wei n i~

** then after the wedding dinner i so happy~ eat so full, eat so much~ hahaa.. but i forget i wonded liao.. i cannot eat seafood! canot eat eeg! aaaaaaaa... then now i suffer the pain.. T^T aiks.. naughty me.. **

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