Monday, June 30, 2008

[Boz_World] Sunday, raining day~

Today, i mean yesterday, yes.. yesterday sunday.. i had promise victor go church play captain ball on 4pm. But is raining.. = =''' so i force to wait at home while waiting for the rain stop.. around 5pm something, the rain finally stop.. so i jz go to church.

After reach church, des ask me go fetch uncle nickson. so i go le.. of course use des car la.. haha.. then after tat only play 1 or 2 match, the rain come again.. they all stop playing liao.. T^T i haven warm up yet also.. aii.. nvm le.. then i play ball myself outside the rain XD

actually, i don know how u guys think.. for me, honestly i like to be caught in rain :) coz the feeling jz nice~ i don know is a weird habbit o not la.. haha.. sometimes i at home, if outside rain heavy, i will jz change my cloth n go get caught in rain :) ya la.. i know i weird la =3=

then after tat i have my favorite food as dinner~!!! (i mean we la.. keke..)

( see victor in the mirror~the photographer)

i ate 4 bowl of rices tim.. still not get enough o.. haha.. monster i am =3= somemore is very hard to feed tat one.. haha XD

bak ku teh after rain~
= =b jeng.


Victor da Lee said...

play in rain = sick

Z-Boz said...

= ='''
is enjoy la k? i get enough of sun...

小彭 said...

man u are so horny

Jovina said...

He sot de la

Z-Boz said...

T^T cry..