Thursday, June 5, 2008

[Boz_World] Faith & Love

always n always n always n always, this word --[FAITH]-- wont leave me in the rest of my whole life.. for those who know chinese, i think they understand wat i mean.. i like this word much, n i thank God for this name of mine~ Faithful is the things tat i need to imporve n learn for the rest of my life.. maybe some of u think tat i always faithful.. but honestly, i still very noob in it.. zz.. so sad, so sorry for God sometimes.. pls forgive me Lord.. T^T

these days a lot of attack coming, i hope everyone pray for youself.. if u free, pls pray for yr fren or church mate or share member or leaders; if u nothing to do, pls pray for church, pastor n his family; if u really sien gao gao, pls pray for everything tat i meantion above.. XD

from a brother of mine, i learn n being touch once again how God work in a so amazing way.. n it also once again awake me.. coz i the feller who can put my relationship above God.. i admit it.. i do need to learn it to put God 1st! i fail God once again.. but this time form my lovely brother case, i see tat He is really a Faithful God~!! sometimes, u really don know wat He trying to do.. but His timing always is the best one! jz keep yr Faith in the Lord; then He will repay yr Faith! thanks God T^T i love u Lord~!!

so now i think i should stop all the weird thinking or try to involve in relationship liao.. i don think i ready for tat..? or maybe God think tat i not ready for tat also.. :) so, is tat mean i need to give up the one i like now? i also don know.. still waiting the answer.. maybe.. the answer is there liao.. jz i cant accept it.. aiks.. [T^T] <>

anyway, pls keep me in prayer~ need strenght much much! n refresh in my mind, emotion, body n everything.. really need it.. these few days quite tired.. always fight alone, work alone, even love.. also love alone.. T^T need uphold to God le.. be a child infront of God, maybe be stupid infront of Him better le~ hahahahahaa..

anything need help do let me know, i always ok~ jz ask then u will receive :) be strong n faithful in the Lord~!! God bless~

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Victor da Lee said...

Well, i cant say if u are ready or not ready. I can't tell if you should give up the one now or not.

But all I can say is, your love for girl is very good. Just remember this, let God be first, she be second. OK?

Remember this and I do think you'll be good too.

You are a very good person liao de.
Just pray about it lo.
My opinion is, pray and see how it goes. You got wisdom one. :)