Thursday, June 12, 2008

[Boz_World] Burst....

recently really quite busy... n i also too tired of working.. too much things to do, to take care, to hands on.. until yesterday, "boom"~~ too tired liao.. i ask for back home early after my morning class tat end in the afternoon.. WO~!! really cannot take it liao.. i know my body's limit.. i almost KO.. so i back home sleep early.. have a good afternoon nap.. = =Zzz then now i recharge liao.. hahahahaha~ can be monkey again~!! XD

- wat keep my alive when i really tired n down?? -

- this -

haha.. Thanks God for the coffee (although i drink liao also not much effect, hahaa.. Xp) somemore is 3 in 1 = =v do pray for me, i need the power~!! thank u :D

* if u have any prayer needs also can leave a msg in Cbox there ya*
*so we can help u pray also*
God bless u guys~!!

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