Saturday, June 7, 2008

[Boz_World] BBQ night~

tonight our share group is in kelly house~ coz we having house blessing :) we combine more than 4 share group i think.. haha.. is jz so big group.. n tonight lead by my share leader, Tracy Wong ( i hope u guys know her.. haha XD ) i think she also quite stress la.. :P

after the house blessing, is BBQ time~!! (actually i go there only tonight is doing BBQ.. = = za dao leh..) so i help Jacky to do the set up~ then others also do help la.. then Mike, Jacky, Jovina, mike mei Yi Wen, n i do all the chicken burning things~ haha XD got 3 ppl (mike, mike mei Yi Wen n i) last time also "formal crew" do the chicken BBQ things in church also la~ haha.. we do enjoy the time together~ i quite appreciate the time also oo~ happie X) Thank God for the chance~!! i really need more.. but slowly le.. keke "P

then after tat, eat liao around 12++ chicken wings.. coz no ppl eat liao.. i gastric somemore.. is going to gastric la.. but luckly didnt come in the end.. we sing together, laugh together, eat together, fellowship together~ a happie, warm n relax night gathering :) n i also wanna give all praise to God~ n all the glory to Him~!! Amen~ :)

then after go play football, hurt my knee again.. ouch.. so pain now oo haha.. but i be ok~ no worry :) got one match i score 4 balls la~ haha.. so happie! actually is lead by other team 2 balls infront liao.. without giving up n passion much for scoring~ i score 4 goals! in the end result is 4-2 XD ( SS here while le.. don get angry a.. no other intention de la.. keke :D )
tmr holiday~ is time to rest well.. also need plan time n force myself to do my work liao.. aiks.. i drag for so long le.. really need someone order me n force me do leh.. i know who can make me do it la.. aiks.. but i don think the ppl can do it for me la.. haha.. anyway, be indepandent le, gambatte aa!!!!!!

May God bless u guys much~!! Have Faith~!! XD

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Jovina said...

Haha...tat nite Lai Kang 'lead worship'la's da madness..