Monday, June 23, 2008

[Boz_World] Alpha course last week~

"Finally Alpha course come to the end~ T^T Praise to the LORD~!! AMEN!!"

Sunday morning, as usual i go church in the afternoon lunch. Thanks to Theodore, he always cook good food n i enjoy lot also~ XD this time, when i reserve the mee hun for myself, some ppl also add something for me..



wat written on top
EAT, EAT, EAT, EAT UR :) - by Desmond.
PUIK! - by Victor!

so thanks to them, my lunch become more "warm+sweet" n delicious meal... haha.. XD

this is how i wear this week alpha course last week.. but i don think is nice also.. haha.. anyway, i do enjoy alpha week~ got lot good food, lot nice fellowship, lot work to do also.. haha.. lot things happen when alpha going on, some happen on me, but some happen among out bro n sis, is a nice memory we being thru all this with God~ jz wanna give all glory n praise to our Lord~ Amen!! He really deserve all this~!! give thanks with tears~!! \[T^T]/

Last week alpha also lead by pastor Yee Shong. Her voice n sound still do geng~ haha.. anyway, i also don know how i sing also de.. don know is good o not la.. if can leave a comment let me know le.. so maybe i can improve more o wat~ :D thz thz~ keep up the fire n serve the Lord~!!


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Jovina said...

Erm...if i dunno u..i thot u're banana's waiter...:)