Sunday, June 22, 2008

[MovieTalk] The Incredible Hulk

another nice movie on screen~!! this is a really fresh incredible hulk for me in my life time~ in my old memory, Hulk is jz a feller will become green when he angry, then will jz lose control n destroy all the things beside him.. but this time, this Hulk live with some purpose, n seems can control himself well.. haha.. XD or maybe jz my old memory serve me wrong le.. :P

"Don't make me hungry.. u won't like me when i hungry.."

this time, this Hulk movie is a bit sad, lonely, love story le.. aii.. i fully understand his feeling T^T he is strong, yes! he is powerful, yes! he is almighty, yes! but he jz can be with the love one.. he have to consider ppl live around him.. he have to control a lot of things.. by his own.. alone.. aii.. jz so sad.. he really scarifies for love!! for the one his love~~ Respect!! [ = 3=]_\ i once like this also.. but get nothing.. tats old story.. nvm la.. = =

Anyway, after the ending i watch, i believe next time, The Incredible Hulk 2 = The iron man 2. hahahaha XD remember tat = =v Marvels trying to do something crazy.. this is wat i think la.. they try to make all the heroes together~!! so next time u maybe can watch spiderman join the force le.. captain America..? who knows?? haha.. this is wat i expect la at least~ coz in the Hulk movie, the big giant bad guy didnt have a full explanation how they keep him, also the feller scientist who have few drop of blood on his head one.. still remember? also didnt explain weel his ending.. then tony shown out in the end.. haha.. in iron man, the black dude got say something while looking at iron man suite, " next time babe~!!" remember?? so i quite sure they will make both heroes together la~ hahaha.. XD think big~ :P

Rating: 8 out of 10
how bout u?

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