Sunday, June 22, 2008

[MovieTalk] Kungfu Panda

Kungfu Panda, another nice animated film from Dreamswork~!! is Awesome, Funny, n Great!!! if u are really stress, n look for something to be crazy or wanna laugh out loud, u really don miss this animated movie! is really nice = = b <>

all the things inside is well done~ even they cheat, they all cheat til u don know they are cheating~ haha.. XD part like the citizen all almost the same (i should say all is the same.. jz pig n rabbit n the long neck bird... = =) then the long bridge part, only feel mountain, the rest cover by the cloud, the jail cheat lot of things also coz of the lighting dull enough, n etc. but everything jz nice n well done :) really geng~!! especially animation exaggerate enough n is funny~

"There is no secret ingredient..."

wat i learn from the movie? hmm.. actually learn lot also de.. the main point i learn is God create everyone sure have a purpose, tats y u need to found out y u created for~ how to know y u created for?? keep in God le~ try get His heart, more nearer, then u know more~ :) tat's the secret ingredient~ XD haha.. God bless~!!

Rating: 8 out of 10
8 starszz~!!