Monday, June 30, 2008

[Boz_World] Euro 2008

how to become champion of Euro 2008??
actually, very de easy~


jz kick,


then celebrate.

share the joy, share the smell,

then become champion.

simple enough? = =v

Torres, the hero~
**he is Liverpool player o~ XD **

[Boz_World] Sunday, raining day~

Today, i mean yesterday, yes.. yesterday sunday.. i had promise victor go church play captain ball on 4pm. But is raining.. = =''' so i force to wait at home while waiting for the rain stop.. around 5pm something, the rain finally stop.. so i jz go to church.

After reach church, des ask me go fetch uncle nickson. so i go le.. of course use des car la.. haha.. then after tat only play 1 or 2 match, the rain come again.. they all stop playing liao.. T^T i haven warm up yet also.. aii.. nvm le.. then i play ball myself outside the rain XD

actually, i don know how u guys think.. for me, honestly i like to be caught in rain :) coz the feeling jz nice~ i don know is a weird habbit o not la.. haha.. sometimes i at home, if outside rain heavy, i will jz change my cloth n go get caught in rain :) ya la.. i know i weird la =3=

then after tat i have my favorite food as dinner~!!! (i mean we la.. keke..)

( see victor in the mirror~the photographer)

i ate 4 bowl of rices tim.. still not get enough o.. haha.. monster i am =3= somemore is very hard to feed tat one.. haha XD

bak ku teh after rain~
= =b jeng.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

[Boz_World] Interview with Khee Vun

-----Our church brand new program!-----
Interview with Khee Vun

Live in FCC

haha.. is jz so funny of the name~ but is really fresh tat this event is happen in the church~ for some ppl information la.. Khee Vun leh is my pastor in church.. if u 1st time see him, pls don feel shy jz laugh out loud la~ haha XD

i also one of the ppl get to involve in this interview.. i feel like very funny on stage also la.. get interview is still the 1st time.. also feel quite weird oo.. haha.. all the feed back i get a.. is i'm so L.A.M.E------------- haha... XD

( i also 1st time mar... =3= )

Friday, June 27, 2008

[Boz_World] Jacky Last d@y

well, the time has come.. jacky leave us today le.. T^T

Jacky, my cell member then later become my share member (haha XD) he join our cell group as nun-believer, but now.. he is a faithful christian liao.. so good~ all praise to the Lord~!! d = = b Last night, we out to dinner, out to supper, out to watch spain vs russia.. but in the end, he is too tired, so i jz send him back home when half time.. =3= anyway, i sure miss him.. coz he is the one always together with me "shoot" my leader~ haha XD then now no more liao.. have to shoot alone, but nvm, i still have jason with me.. haha :P

jz will keep him in prayer, wish him luck in his study also :) remember jacky! anything happen, follow the Lord, pray to Him 1st be4 anything u trying to do la XD keep in Him ya, then be the light n salt for the world~ do keep in touch with us ya~ 1 time as brothers n sisters in Christ, forever we are!!!! anything jz let us know, coz u jz know how much we(all the share memberssszz) care for u :)

jacky n i
pic taken in a boy after we dinner, n i jz after work..
horible look =3=

Be still bro~!! God bless u much~!! :D

[Boz_World] Church Wide Prayer Meeting

ya ya.. i attend the prayer meeting.. some ppl is quite shock see me there tat night.. coz for ppl who know me well, they know i wont go de.. haha.. so y i attend tat night leh? burden?? no la.. jz becoz after the meeting i will have media production meeting.. so jz go for the prayer meeting also lo~ :)

anyway, tat night is like prayer meeting, yet not like prayer meeting also... y? even pastor also say is like sunday morning service.. = =''' coz is [preaching+prayer meeting] haha... but is good le, at least now we know wat we lack of, wat we need, n wats our target..

so, wat we lack of?? YOU!!
wat we need??!!!?!? YOU!!
wats our target???! YOU!!

feel burden? come serve la.. keke.. coz we need workers~ don tell me is not the timing yet.. jz tell me u willing o not~ ok? simple :) ask yr heart, hear yr heart, n follow Jesus, Amen.

God bless~

-Church Wide Prayer Meeting (CWPM?)-
-25 Jun 2008.Wednesday.830pm-

[Boz_World] Broken key

opps.. i broke the key of my house gate pad lock.. jz maybe i drop so many times gua..?! haha.. XD but the key so cham.. haha.. nvm la, now i have a new key liao xp

-R.I.P then-

Monday, June 23, 2008

[Boz_World] Alpha course last week~

"Finally Alpha course come to the end~ T^T Praise to the LORD~!! AMEN!!"

Sunday morning, as usual i go church in the afternoon lunch. Thanks to Theodore, he always cook good food n i enjoy lot also~ XD this time, when i reserve the mee hun for myself, some ppl also add something for me..



wat written on top
EAT, EAT, EAT, EAT UR :) - by Desmond.
PUIK! - by Victor!

so thanks to them, my lunch become more "warm+sweet" n delicious meal... haha.. XD

this is how i wear this week alpha course last week.. but i don think is nice also.. haha.. anyway, i do enjoy alpha week~ got lot good food, lot nice fellowship, lot work to do also.. haha.. lot things happen when alpha going on, some happen on me, but some happen among out bro n sis, is a nice memory we being thru all this with God~ jz wanna give all glory n praise to our Lord~ Amen!! He really deserve all this~!! give thanks with tears~!! \[T^T]/

Last week alpha also lead by pastor Yee Shong. Her voice n sound still do geng~ haha.. anyway, i also don know how i sing also de.. don know is good o not la.. if can leave a comment let me know le.. so maybe i can improve more o wat~ :D thz thz~ keep up the fire n serve the Lord~!!


[Boz_World] something wrong

erm.. nothing comment about it.. jz feel like share with u guys.. coz i really feel is funny n 'something' wrong la~ hahahah XD maybe guys know wat i trying to say gua~ haha.. :P


Sunday, June 22, 2008

[MovieTalk] The Incredible Hulk

another nice movie on screen~!! this is a really fresh incredible hulk for me in my life time~ in my old memory, Hulk is jz a feller will become green when he angry, then will jz lose control n destroy all the things beside him.. but this time, this Hulk live with some purpose, n seems can control himself well.. haha.. XD or maybe jz my old memory serve me wrong le.. :P

"Don't make me hungry.. u won't like me when i hungry.."

this time, this Hulk movie is a bit sad, lonely, love story le.. aii.. i fully understand his feeling T^T he is strong, yes! he is powerful, yes! he is almighty, yes! but he jz can be with the love one.. he have to consider ppl live around him.. he have to control a lot of things.. by his own.. alone.. aii.. jz so sad.. he really scarifies for love!! for the one his love~~ Respect!! [ = 3=]_\ i once like this also.. but get nothing.. tats old story.. nvm la.. = =

Anyway, after the ending i watch, i believe next time, The Incredible Hulk 2 = The iron man 2. hahahaha XD remember tat = =v Marvels trying to do something crazy.. this is wat i think la.. they try to make all the heroes together~!! so next time u maybe can watch spiderman join the force le.. captain America..? who knows?? haha.. this is wat i expect la at least~ coz in the Hulk movie, the big giant bad guy didnt have a full explanation how they keep him, also the feller scientist who have few drop of blood on his head one.. still remember? also didnt explain weel his ending.. then tony shown out in the end.. haha.. in iron man, the black dude got say something while looking at iron man suite, " next time babe~!!" remember?? so i quite sure they will make both heroes together la~ hahaha.. XD think big~ :P

Rating: 8 out of 10
how bout u?

[MovieTalk] Kungfu Panda

Kungfu Panda, another nice animated film from Dreamswork~!! is Awesome, Funny, n Great!!! if u are really stress, n look for something to be crazy or wanna laugh out loud, u really don miss this animated movie! is really nice = = b <>

all the things inside is well done~ even they cheat, they all cheat til u don know they are cheating~ haha.. XD part like the citizen all almost the same (i should say all is the same.. jz pig n rabbit n the long neck bird... = =) then the long bridge part, only feel mountain, the rest cover by the cloud, the jail cheat lot of things also coz of the lighting dull enough, n etc. but everything jz nice n well done :) really geng~!! especially animation exaggerate enough n is funny~

"There is no secret ingredient..."

wat i learn from the movie? hmm.. actually learn lot also de.. the main point i learn is God create everyone sure have a purpose, tats y u need to found out y u created for~ how to know y u created for?? keep in God le~ try get His heart, more nearer, then u know more~ :) tat's the secret ingredient~ XD haha.. God bless~!!

Rating: 8 out of 10
8 starszz~!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

[Boz_World] Vote Vote~

Recently, i wonder much to cut my hair o not.. haha.. so i had make a vote box~ so do go n vote~!! i need u guys opinion also.. thz thz~ if can also leave comment here le.. any comment will do~ let me know "WHY?" la at least.. hahaa.. coz i quite like my hair style now o.. but already so many ppl wan me cut short my hair liao.. aiks.. =3=

Thanks Guys~ God bless~!! XD

[Boz_World] Accident Report

(Sunway) i accident on last Sunday, 15 June 08, while i driving happily towards to church for lunch. Then i being bang down by a car, Proton Wira, black color. I can't manage see the car's car plate number cause while i manage to stable myself, the car is already far away from me. (means, he bang me n run away, don't even stop.. T^T) Sad.. aiks.. nvm.. May God bless him le.. (maybe is she also..)

I go back to the same place take some picture.. coz i remember i do left some "drawing" on the road. Still, i'm artist ma~ = =v

Careful on the road guys~ May God protect all of u~!! Amen! :)

[Boz_World] This is the day...

- my resignation letter-

Today, 17June 2008. i send my resignation letter... do feel peace, do rejoice.. also feel bit worry, bit sad.. coz i think i will miss my lovely colleagues, my students, n my comfort working place.. T^T guys~ i do need u all pray for me.. recently i easy wounded which i suffer one now, i need protection.. n i hope i send my resignation letter on the right timing.. pray for my new job also.. thank u _[_ _]_

Monday, June 16, 2008

[Boz_World] Peter & Rinny Wedding~!!

Congrats to Peter & Rinny~!!
today i went to their wedding dinner o~ share some picture with u guys le :D

~Wedding dinner of Peter & Rinny~

~Rinny n i~

ppl in table numer 7
Kelly, Tracy, Lai Kang, Gavin, Me, Michael (also Vui Theng n Graise~)

~Michael n i~

~Kai Fong n i~

~Bao Wei n i~

** then after the wedding dinner i so happy~ eat so full, eat so much~ hahaa.. but i forget i wonded liao.. i cannot eat seafood! canot eat eeg! aaaaaaaa... then now i suffer the pain.. T^T aiks.. naughty me.. **

[Boz_World] Happy Father's d@y~

Sat night sermon was a nice one~!! = =b Good a~~!!

message for boys/guys/man,

You LOVE, You LEAD, You ORDER~!!
Learn to LOVE~ jz like CHRIST LOVE the church~

ya.. guys, i know sometimes u guys jz wanna act cool or serious.. but remember sometimes u have to show yr love also de.. cannot jz be too cool le~ hope u guys get wat i mean.. haha.. n don be too "system-matic" also la.. haha.. ( i hope u know i "shoot" u la.. Xp )

anyway, i don touch when the prayer n worship goes on~ coz i miss my dad.. long time didnt see him lo.. he doing well n good.. (coz call him liao XD) anyway.. i accident on father's day also.. but is jz small matter la.. jz not so syok coz the feller bang me n jz drive away.. aiks! he didnt stop wa~~~~ angry e............ aiks.. nvm la.. wat to do? i bai ka now again lo.. n take more rest la.. =3= pls pray for me.. thank u~ need protection... not easy a.. 1 year 2 accident but haven die yet.. [= ='''] v gam qia shong ti.. Amen.

lastly.. Happy Father's day to my Father~!! also all fathers in the earth~ of course Father in heaven also la~!! hehe.. XD


Friday, June 13, 2008

[Boz_World] Alpha HolySpirit Weekend~!!

Everyone~!! i already comfirm with Des, this week comfirm is Alpha HolySpirit Weekend~!! wakakakaa.... mean my memory serve me well enough~ haven so old yet~!! XD

So, do ask yr fren come aaa~!! must come must come~ HIGHTLIGHT OF ALPHA~!!

-Alpha HolySpirit Weekend-
-15 June 7pm sharp-

also let u guys know.. next week 22 June is last week of alpha lo.. (no free dinner liao after tat... T^T sad o.. hahaha "P)

God bless~!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

[Boz_World] Burst....

recently really quite busy... n i also too tired of working.. too much things to do, to take care, to hands on.. until yesterday, "boom"~~ too tired liao.. i ask for back home early after my morning class tat end in the afternoon.. WO~!! really cannot take it liao.. i know my body's limit.. i almost KO.. so i back home sleep early.. have a good afternoon nap.. = =Zzz then now i recharge liao.. hahahahaha~ can be monkey again~!! XD

- wat keep my alive when i really tired n down?? -

- this -

haha.. Thanks God for the coffee (although i drink liao also not much effect, hahaa.. Xp) somemore is 3 in 1 = =v do pray for me, i need the power~!! thank u :D

* if u have any prayer needs also can leave a msg in Cbox there ya*
*so we can help u pray also*
God bless u guys~!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

[Boz_World] Alpha 4th week~

alpha had come into 4th week lo..
i do serve this week as vocalist~ :D
this is how i wear this week~

How? nice a?
haha.. leave some comment le~
thz thz XD

** DO come this week alpha oo~!! is Holy Spirit Weekend!! the highlight of alpha course~!!**
God bless~!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

[Boz_World] One Thing

today, saturday night service was a good one~ really feel like jumpping for the Lord the whole night.. but now tired le.. haha.. today sermen also good~ remind once again... shoot me also la.. haha "P

this is some verse taken from the bible~
"...never tire of doing what is right." -2 Thessalonians 3:13
"One thing i ask of the LORD,..." -Psalm 27:4
"... only one thing is needed." -Luke 10:42
"One thing you lack,..." -Mark 10:21
"One thing i do know." -John 9:25
" thing i shouted as i stood..." -Acts 24:21
" thing to do:..." -Philippians 3:13
" not forget of this one thing,..." -2 Peter 3:8

there is really ONE THING i need to done n finish it early ago.. but i didnt.. i drag until now stil haven finish yet.. i feel so bad, nervours, sad about it.. i really hope i can done it n finish it asap.. it stress me quite a long time.. aii.. really have to be focus n finish tat ONE THING le.. T^T

"...dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance."
-2 Peter 3:8-9

[Boz_World] BBQ night~

tonight our share group is in kelly house~ coz we having house blessing :) we combine more than 4 share group i think.. haha.. is jz so big group.. n tonight lead by my share leader, Tracy Wong ( i hope u guys know her.. haha XD ) i think she also quite stress la.. :P

after the house blessing, is BBQ time~!! (actually i go there only tonight is doing BBQ.. = = za dao leh..) so i help Jacky to do the set up~ then others also do help la.. then Mike, Jacky, Jovina, mike mei Yi Wen, n i do all the chicken burning things~ haha XD got 3 ppl (mike, mike mei Yi Wen n i) last time also "formal crew" do the chicken BBQ things in church also la~ haha.. we do enjoy the time together~ i quite appreciate the time also oo~ happie X) Thank God for the chance~!! i really need more.. but slowly le.. keke "P

then after tat, eat liao around 12++ chicken wings.. coz no ppl eat liao.. i gastric somemore.. is going to gastric la.. but luckly didnt come in the end.. we sing together, laugh together, eat together, fellowship together~ a happie, warm n relax night gathering :) n i also wanna give all praise to God~ n all the glory to Him~!! Amen~ :)

then after go play football, hurt my knee again.. ouch.. so pain now oo haha.. but i be ok~ no worry :) got one match i score 4 balls la~ haha.. so happie! actually is lead by other team 2 balls infront liao.. without giving up n passion much for scoring~ i score 4 goals! in the end result is 4-2 XD ( SS here while le.. don get angry a.. no other intention de la.. keke :D )
tmr holiday~ is time to rest well.. also need plan time n force myself to do my work liao.. aiks.. i drag for so long le.. really need someone order me n force me do leh.. i know who can make me do it la.. aiks.. but i don think the ppl can do it for me la.. haha.. anyway, be indepandent le, gambatte aa!!!!!!

May God bless u guys much~!! Have Faith~!! XD

Thursday, June 5, 2008

[Boz_World] Faith & Love

always n always n always n always, this word --[FAITH]-- wont leave me in the rest of my whole life.. for those who know chinese, i think they understand wat i mean.. i like this word much, n i thank God for this name of mine~ Faithful is the things tat i need to imporve n learn for the rest of my life.. maybe some of u think tat i always faithful.. but honestly, i still very noob in it.. zz.. so sad, so sorry for God sometimes.. pls forgive me Lord.. T^T

these days a lot of attack coming, i hope everyone pray for youself.. if u free, pls pray for yr fren or church mate or share member or leaders; if u nothing to do, pls pray for church, pastor n his family; if u really sien gao gao, pls pray for everything tat i meantion above.. XD

from a brother of mine, i learn n being touch once again how God work in a so amazing way.. n it also once again awake me.. coz i the feller who can put my relationship above God.. i admit it.. i do need to learn it to put God 1st! i fail God once again.. but this time form my lovely brother case, i see tat He is really a Faithful God~!! sometimes, u really don know wat He trying to do.. but His timing always is the best one! jz keep yr Faith in the Lord; then He will repay yr Faith! thanks God T^T i love u Lord~!!

so now i think i should stop all the weird thinking or try to involve in relationship liao.. i don think i ready for tat..? or maybe God think tat i not ready for tat also.. :) so, is tat mean i need to give up the one i like now? i also don know.. still waiting the answer.. maybe.. the answer is there liao.. jz i cant accept it.. aiks.. [T^T] <>

anyway, pls keep me in prayer~ need strenght much much! n refresh in my mind, emotion, body n everything.. really need it.. these few days quite tired.. always fight alone, work alone, even love.. also love alone.. T^T need uphold to God le.. be a child infront of God, maybe be stupid infront of Him better le~ hahahahahaa..

anything need help do let me know, i always ok~ jz ask then u will receive :) be strong n faithful in the Lord~!! God bless~